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Reviews & Testimonials

  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from John Obsta

    The orchids arrived in perfect order and were beautiful! Thank so much!...   
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    John Obsta
    Houston, Texas
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Courtney Bryant

    These wedding photos are a few of my favorites. My family and friends were amazing and did all of my flower arrangements and decorating. They even stayed up all night nursing the flowers to make sure ...   
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    Courtney Bryant
    Horsham, Pennsylvania
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Kellie Charleston

    Very good. Everything you said you delivered on. ...   
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    Kellie Charleston
    Runnells, Iowa
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Nancy Aaseth

    Our flowers arrived and they were just beautiful. The 250 roses that we ordered were big, beautiful and all the right colors. The Glads were especially beautiful and the arrangements that we put toget...   
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    Nancy Aaseth
    Bird Island, Minnesota
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Fallon Fraustro

    Flowers were beautiful!! ...   
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    Fallon Fraustro
    Mcallen, Texas
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Cheryl McGovern

    Whole Blossoms helped us ensurre our hydrangeass arrived on time. They were gorgeous as well. As spray roses, greens and amaranthys. ...   
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    Cheryl McGovern
    Charlotte, North Carolina