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Reviews & Testimonials

  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Catherine Mannering

    These special lilies of the valley were sent to a beloved aunt who is seriously ill. They arrived in beautiful, fragrant condition. She "Loved them," as they brought back sweet childhood memories of h...   
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    Catherine Mannering
    Derby,New York
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Penny Brandt

    Ours was a homemade wedding. The cake was a gift from my amazing friend, artist/designer Moana McAuliffe, who baked the cake and also custom made its serving trays. (That's her cutting the cake in the...   
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    Penny Brandt
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Renee Arakawa

    Nicole - I wanted to let you know the flowers were absolutely GORGEOUS and perfect. the two bouquets we made were absolutely great and gorgeous as were the boutonnieres. we received MANY compliments...   
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    Renee Arakawa
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Gordon E

    Dear Charlot, the new Gardenias arrived today as promised, and they are beautiful.  I'm attaching a picture of the new flowers, and one of the pictures also shows one of the remaining originals t...   
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    Gordon E
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Kristie

    I’ve been thinking about using Whole Blossoms for my wedding flowers next June. Of course everyone in my family thinks I’m nuts to order my flowers online. I figured if I did a test run to...   
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  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Niambi Edwards

    loved them. needed them, and they came in perfect timing to be in full bloom....   
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    Niambi Edwards