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Reviews & Testimonials

  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Marcie Knoll

    Very good quality! ...   
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    Marcie Knoll
    Moscow, Kansas
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Kathleen Medley

    With the proper care, the branches bloomed beautifully and added a wonderful touch to my son's wedding. I couldn't be happier!...   
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    Kathleen Medley
    Woodbury, New Jersey
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Kerrie Quirk

    We ordered white carnations to use as centerpieces for a 50's diner themed retirement party. The flowers arrived two days before our event and, following the care instructions, opened beautifully by t...   
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    Kerrie Quirk
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from MING WONG

    As usual, my order of garden and wholesale roses was great. All the flowers, every single one was used. They came on the date I asked. And we had a lovely event....   
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    LITTLE NECK, New York
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Sara Miner

    Very pleased. Beautiful flowers...   
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    Sara Miner
    Venice, Florida
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Patricia Kolber

    Hydrangeas arrived 5 days before my event. All 30 flowers were in perfect condition. I followed the instructions and they looked beautiful for at least 7 days...   
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    Patricia Kolber
    Lake Geneva, Wisconsin