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Reviews & Testimonials

  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Marie Leslie

    The roses I ordered and received for our wedding were gorgeous!!! They smelled wonderful and lasted amazingly well. I will be ordering from Whole Blossoms again. Thank you so much...   
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    Marie Leslie
    Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Nadia Sarno

    The color variation was a little different than expected but other than that I was very pleased....   
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    Nadia Sarno
    Olympia, Washington
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Shirley Glines

    The anenome were absolutely gorgeous! The bride was very happy with them. I was a bit concerned because they arrived on Tuesday and had been scheduled for a Wednesday delivery. I believe they would ha...   
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    Shirley Glines
    Moultonborough, New Hampshire
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Kristina Adamski

    Delivered a day early on a Thursday and roses were dying by the time of the reception on Saturday. Requested a Friday delivery specifically, and thy came too early. ...   
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    Kristina Adamski
    Naples, Florida
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Kathy Kangas

    Great roses and on time delivery...   
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    Kathy Kangas
    Dafter, Michigan
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Daphne Rogers

    Orchids were amazing. Arrived ahead of schedule...   
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    Daphne Rogers
    Cedar Hill, Texas