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Reviews & Testimonials

  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Vatanie Turenne

    Everything was beautiful. Thank u...   
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    Vatanie Turenne
    Terrace, Florida
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Penny Brandt

    Ours was a homemade wedding. The cake was a gift from my amazing friend, artist/designer Moana McAuliffe, who baked the cake and also custom made its serving trays. (That's her cutting the cake in the...   
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    Penny Brandt
    Hartford, Connecticut
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Megan Dentel

    My Aunt and Grandmother arranged all of my flowers that were ordered through Whole Blossom. They spent hours caring for thousands of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen and making my dreams beco...   
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    Megan Dentel
    Lakeland, Florida
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Janis Kuykendall

    Only heard from them one day before ship date. Roses were just beautiful and 5 days later still beautiful!...   
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    Janis Kuykendall
    farmville, Virginia
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Carolyn Roeder

    I sent lilies of the valley to my mother, and they were absolutely beautiful. They were harvested and sent from England or thereabouts I believe, and arrived in bloom, undamaged and a day early. A nic...   
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    Carolyn Roeder
    New Port Richey, Florida
  • WholeBlossoms Testimonials Photos from Tamara Lissuzzo

    I ordered eight lily and gerbera daisy bouquets and 60 frilly roses. All arrived on time and were perfect by the next afternoon and lasted beautifully for two more days. ...   
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    Tamara Lissuzzo
    Edmond, Oklahoma