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Standard Delivery

Shipping within the continental US is FREE with a minimum of 6-7 day in advance. Door to door delivery service is provided by FedEx or UPS. Whole Blossoms also offers air freight delivery service for pickup at your local airport. For orders shipped to Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii, please see below for surcharge fees.
Whole Blossoms cannot guarantee delivery on selected delivery dates. Due to factors beyond Whole Blossoms control, FedEx may delay delivery resulting from mechanical issues, inclement weather, and customs processing delays. Therefore, please schedule delivery of your flowers to occur a few days before your event.

Last Minute Orders

Orders can be expedited for most products. If you need an order at the last minute and you are less than 5 days close to the delivery date, very date, we can have your product prepared and shipped in as short as 1-2 business days for an additional fee. This [Rush Last Minute Handling Fee] is currently assessed on each item added to your cart. Please note that the [Rush Last Minute Fee] IS NOT an assessment of overnight delivery service, NOR does it guarantee delivery on a certain date owing to delivery factors beyond the Company's control. The Rush Last Minute Fee is simply used to cover the additional processing burden and expedited handling of your order for rapid shipment.
Products eligible for Rush Last Minute Handling will show rush delivery dates that are highlighted on their Delivery calendar. To determine the Rush Last Minute Fee, simply select the rush delivery date and add the item to your cart. Then proceed to the checkout page where the Rush Fee becomes visible. For further information or help with placing an order to be rushed, please call 1-877-WOW-BLOOMS to speak to a friendly floral representative.

Saturday Delivery

Should you require a Saturday delivery on an order, please call Whole Blossoms. An additional fee will apply generally assessed at $15 per box. Please note that due to carrier delivery practices, Whole Blossoms cannot guarantee delivery on Saturday. Saturday deliveries currently not available to California and Hawaii.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada

Due to carrier surcharge fees, all deliveries made to Canada and US cities outside the continental US are assessed additional fees based on total order price. Fees are as follow:

  • Alaska.............25%
  • Hawaii.............25%
  • Canada.............50%

Shipping to Cities Outside the US and Canada

Whole Blossoms ships wholesale flowers regularly to cities outside the US and Canada. In such instances, you will be required to clear your product through local Customs authorities through use of a local broker. Local duties and taxes are generally assessed in addition to the cost of shipping product outside the US. Generally, the cost is prohibitive for small orders but becomes economical when shipping at least a moderate number of boxes. Please call or email us if you would like more information.
For more information or help, please email us using the online form or via telephone.
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