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Jeanne Moreau Pure Light White Garden Roses

4.5 out of 5 with 14 ratings
Pure Light Garden White Roses have a single stem containing a pleasantly fragrant pure light tone. Its lush, ruffled petals make it preferred as Wedding Flowers and are a highly chosen replacement for peonies. This particular bloom is also fragrant, filling your imagination with being lost in flower gardens of paradise. If you are creating some Wedding Bouquets, it’s good to know which blooms look amazing together. We have some suggestions for exhilarating Wedding Centerpieces. One idea is to simply arrange with Green Hydrangeas, or White Hydrangeas. For a fresh look, you can arrange with Pink Hydrangeas and Pink Peonies, with some Green Hydrangea for some balance. The creative ideas are completely up to you and there is no limit to how far you can go when you work with Wholesale Flowers because of the quality and very low prices. This particular bloom also looks very classy as cake toppers.
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24 Stems
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48 Stems
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72 Stems
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84 Stems
( $2.62 per stem )
96 Stems
( $2.60 per stem )
192 stems
( $2.45 per stem )

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