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Mint Flowers

Mint Flowers is our carefully selected blooms from our Wholesale Flowers collection that can help you make premium quality Floral Arrangements, and all of your Centerpiece Ideas. Mint is a soft color tone that blends well with any other pastel color. All our Mint Green varieties look amazing in Spring Wedding Flowers and Summer Wedding Flowers; however, they can look spectacular anytime of the year, even in the fall with Burgundy Flowers as a Mint and Burgundy Wedding looks astonishing. Most brides have Mint Green Dresses with their Mint Colored Flowers. For many of our brides and event planners, they enjoy Mint with Purple Flowers, Coral and Mint Wedding Flowers, Mint with Red Flowers, Peach and Mint Wedding Flowers, and other pastel colors. Mint Green Roses are our most popular selling mint color, as well as Peppermint Carnations. We also have Mint Hydrangea, orchids, succulents, and many more varieties.

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