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Calla Lily Flower

Calla Lilies are exquisite flowers with long trumpet-shaped blossoms and thick fibrous stems. A fresh calla is mostly open but with the outer petal still reaching upward. The flower shows good color and no bruising. Older callas have outer petal curving downward, with the middle of the flower exposed. The flowers may also have bruising or discoloration, especially on the outer edges of the petal. Callas have thick, fibrous stems that act much like a sponge. The stems absorb and hold water. This is why callas have such a long vase life of about 10 days or more. They are a very low maintenance flower, but be sure to recut the stems every few days to allow fresh water to penetrate the blossom. Calla stems sometimes turn to mush because the stems hold the water and the ends become clogged. They need constant water flow to remain fresh. They are also available in miniature varieties. Some colors you might like are: white, shades of yellow, pink to deep rose, orange to Chinese red, salmon, burgundy, black, and there are also a green variety. Calla lilies symbolize magnificent beauty.
White Calla Lilies
White Flowers Long Stems
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Calla Lily Open Cut White Flowers
White Flowers Long Stems
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Calla Lily Aethiopica
Local Variety
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