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Rice Flower

Rice Flower is a variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that is amazing for Wedding Decoration Ideas, Flower Arrangements, Happy Birthday Flowers, Wedding Bouquets, Centerpieces, Baby Shower Centerpieces, Christmas Table Centerpiece, Thanksgiving Centerpieces, and more. This variety of Bloom is great for adding both volume and filler in Wedding Flowers. It is a very great accompaniment with Babys Breath Flowers. This Flower looks fantastic in Fall Wedding Flowers, as well as Spring Wedding Flowers. White Rice Flower is by far our most popular selection, however, at Whole Blossoms; we also have quite an amazing choice of Rice Flower Varieties, such as Purple Blue Rice Flower, Red Rice Flower, Tinted Pink Rice Flower, Tinted Green, Tinted Orange, and Tinted Yellow. You can certainly make a fine Bridal Bouquet by arranging Israeli Ruscus, White Lisianthus, Peach Rose, Peach Carnation, and Pink Hypericum Berries. You can also make really amazing Flower Crowns too.

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