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Agapanthus is a variety of Fresh Flowers from our Wholesale Flowers collection that is excellent for Wedding Flowers, Wedding Centerpiece Ideas, Wedding Bouquets, and more. Agapanthus Africanus, also called the love flower, are tall with lily-shaped flowers that are on top of thick, dark green stems giving it the nickname African Lily, or Lily of the Nile. The stems are usually one to three feet in length, when they are fresh, they usually have one-third of their blossoms opening, with the rest in bud stage. The blossoms turn upward. If you shake the flower gently, the blossoms will not drop. Agapanthus Flower comes in shades of light blue to deep purple- blue, and the more uncommon white. When it comes to Flower Arrangements and Centerpiece Ideas, we recommend you consider some of excellent varieties to arrange with, such as Roses, Sunflower, Hydrangea, Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Orchid, and more.

Agapanthus Assorted
Assorted Agapanthus
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White Agapanthus
White Agapanthus
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Agapanthus Blue With Purple Tone
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