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Freedom Firework Simple Centerpieces

Whole Blossoms Freedom Firework Simple Centerpieces are just that, fireworks brougth into the shape of a floral mix explosion of colors. With these simple centerpieces you will be able to enhance the cheerful spirit that already surounds this holiday. Our Simple Centerpieces are also an amazing asset that will guarantee you a perfect decoration for your family and friends special day around a barbecue and great company. Independence day is probably one of the most important days of the year in the United States and we want to help make it one that you get great memories out of. Our Freedom Firework Simple Centerpieces are built out of White Hydrangeas, Red Painted Daisies, Navy Blue Painted Daisies, White Aster, White Painted Ruscus and Painted Navy Blue Ruscus. Don’t forget to have these special arrangements ordered at least seven to ten days in advance to make sure our experts can put these classy creation together right on time for your event.
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12 Centerpieces
( $15.00 per centerpiece )
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