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What is organic and biological farming?

In organic and biological farming, the farms avoid the use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals. Our roses are not intended for consumption and therefore lack official "organic" certification for such use. Organic certifications are required for products sold for consumption. All products sold at Whole Blossoms are for decoration only and cannot be consumed. Our roses are cultivated with the utmost respect for the environment. Both on our domestic and international farms, our growers adhere to growing practices that align with our commitment to sustainability and natural beauty. Enjoy our roses with the knowledge that they have been nurtured in harmony with nature.

Whole Blossoms biological organic roses are grown using organic methods that include tricoderms, natural fertilizers and life organisms incorporated in organic foliars. The tricoderms support the soil while protecting the environment and the health of individuals who work at the farms for sustainability. The processes used to grow biological organic roses are 60-70% purely organic, however, when there are heavy rains, rose fields are at risk of developing botrytis or trips and the farms need to treat the fields to ensure that the roses are protected. The processes used during heavy rain account for a small part of crop treatments that are not organic in nature. For that particular reason, the biological organic products sold which are intended for decoration only cannot be labeled as 100% organic but are biologically organic in nature.

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