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Wholesale Flowers for Floral Designers
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Multicolor Pink Blue Lime Green Spider Mums

Multicolor Pink Blue Lime Green Spider Mums is a colorful variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that adds a little bit of fun and excitement to your Wedding Flowers or event. This Spider Mum has several colors, such as pink, lime, green, and blue. This variety allows you to arrange with many different tones and is very diverse from most of our Anastasia Flowers. This is also a great bloom for other occasions, such as anniversaries, birthday parties, ball game celebrations, school functions and many other events. If you are wondering what a fun arrangement would be like, we suggest arranging this entertaining bloom with Rainbow Rose, Rainbow Glitter Rose, and Hyacinth Pastel Colors Collection. You can also enjoy them in fun and festive outdoor events. They also look great with White Flowers and Pink Flowers for a little bit of adventure. There is something about it that makes you smile.
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