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Yellow Spider Mums Tips Red Flowers

Yellow Spider Mums Tips Red Flowers is a sassy looking variety from our Wholesale Flowers collection that can be a perfect match for your Wedding Flowers. If your main color for your Wedding Bouquets is Yellow Flowers, you will find that the yellow tone of this Anastasia Flower will make a great addition, especially for a Fall Wedding Bouquet in which you might want to add some red and orange tones. If you are searching for Centerpiece Ideas, you might consider arranging this bloom with Yellow Ranunculus Flower, Red Anemone Flowers, and Plum Antique Hydrangea Flower. You will enjoy the way it takes up volume and adds character with its unique texture. You might also enjoy this Spider Mum for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, office parties, church events and much more. For Greens, you might add some Israeli Ruscus, or Aspidistra. They are sure to get attention.
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