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Top Wedding Flowers of All Time – Part #5

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We are now in July, and you may be planning a July Wedding. This is a great month to get married in and we are ready with all the best Flowers from our farms around the world. This is also the perfect month for an outdoor wedding. Zola says this about weddings in July, “This time of the year is really where outdoor venues sparkle and shine. From string lights and lanterns to candles and sparklers, don’t miss the chance to really have fun with your outdoor wedding decor.”

There are also many wonderful wedding themes you can have this month and you will also have a better chance to get the most wedding guests. Wedding Ideas has this to say, “It can also be easier for your guests to take time off during the summer months too – send your save-the-dates out well in advance so it doesn’t clash with people’s summer holidays. Plus, people won’t be as worried about spending money as they would be during the winter months as Christmas is months away!”

Now that we may have sparked some inspiration and start your imagination going, let’s continue our Top Wedding Flowers of All Time.

Flower Number 13 – Baby’s Breath

Baby Breath Flowers is very common in Bridal Bouquets and can serve as some of the best Filler Flowers you can arrange with. Babys Breath looks like tiny clouds that give your Wedding Bouquets a dreamy appearance and can be exactly the inspiration you are searching for, in a dream wedding. It is also a very affordable Flower. High Mountain Weddings says, “Many brides-to-be are practicing frugal spending habits as they prepare for their big days. They are also finding that saving money doesn’t necessarily mean giving up the beautiful day that they had always imagined. One of the greatest ways to save money is to opt for less expensive flower selections. At the top of that list is baby’s breath.”

At Whole Blossoms, we have some wonderful options of colors for you to choose, such as

  • White Baby’s Breath
  • Pink Baby’s Breath
  • Pink Magenta Baby’s Breath
  • Baby’s Breath Hot Pink Flowers
  • Lavender Baby’s Breath
  • Baby’s Breath Light Blue Tone
  • Blue Baby’s Breath Turquoise Tone
  • Blue Baby’s Breath
  • Blue Baby’s Breath Dark Tone
  • Green Baby’s Breath Light Tone
  • Green Baby’s Breath
  • Baby’s Breath Yellow Flowers
  • Gold Baby’s Breath
  • Orange Baby’s Breath
  • Peach Baby’s Breath With Coral Tone
  • Red Baby’s Breath
  • Red Baby’s Breath Dark Tone
  • Baby’s Breath Pastel Colors

Flower Number 14 – Carnation

This is another very affordable Flower For Weddings. Typically, this variety is given as Prom Flowers, Happy Birthday Flowers, Mother’s Day Flowers, and Anniversary Flowers, but it can also be a wonderful bloom to add to your Floral Arrangements. Martha Stewart often talks about the many different ways to use them as Wedding Décor. They can be used in many creative ways. She says, “Carnations are undeniably popular. They’re well-known by the masses and used for tons of different occasions. That’s because the flowers are incredibly versatile—have you seen the bloom’s wide array of shades? Their different and relative affordability only add to the appeal.”

We have a lot of color options of this selection, such as

  • White Carnations Mini
  • White Carnations
  • White Carnation Fancy
  • Carnation Cream Mini Carnation
  • Carnation Cream
  • Carnation Cream Fancy
  • Carnation – Mustard Color
  • Mini Carnation – Light Pink Flowers
  • Light Pink Carnations
  • Pink Carnation Flowers
  • Pink Carnation Select
  • Pink Carnation Bicolor White
  • White Carnations – Hot Pink Bicolor Premium
  • Peach Carnations Standard
  • Peach Carnations Fancy Lizzy
  • Purple Carnations Dark Pink Bicolor Arevalo
  • Hot Pink Carnations Mini
  • Hot Pink Carnations
  • Lavender Carnations Mini Lilac Melissa
  • Lavender Pink Carnation
  • Lavender Purple Carnations Moonlight
  • Dark Purple Carnations Mini
  • Purple Carnations
  • Purple Carnations – Dyed
  • Mini Carnation – Bicolor White And Purple
  • Dark Purple Carnations – Moonvista
  • Blue Carnations
  • Green Carnations Mini
  • Green Carnation Flower
  • Yellow Carnations Standard
  • Yellow Carnations Mini
  • Orange Carnations Mini
  • Red Carnation Mini
  • Red Carnation Premium
  • Burgundy Carnations
  • Rainbow Carnation

These two flowers are very popular and affordable, especially if you are on a tight budget, so you may want to give them consideration. We are selling a lot of Carnation Flowers this year, as well as Babies Breath.

Next article we will continue with our list of the best wedding flowers of all time.

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