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Are You Thinking About Your Summer Wedding Bouquet? Part #2

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We are back again to finish our last blog. There is so much I could say that I decided to make the a 2 part article. If you have a Summer Wedding Theme and need Summer Wedding Flowers for a Summer Wedding Bouquet, our team can help fill you with some refreshing new ideas, or help to encourage you with your own ideas that can work for you and your wedding ideas. Keep in mind thar every single Flower has its own personality and every single creative combination can create a particular mood, idea, or thought. What message do want to convey on your wedding day? What is your personality, what are your goals? These can be brought out with an innumerable combination of any of our Flowers.

Another great idea is to create a Billy Ball Wedding Bouquet. Billy Balls have a unique personality that can also add a touch of playfulness to your Floral Arrangements and Centerpiece Ideas. It is also known by other names, such as Craspedia, and Billy Balls Flower. Bright yellow is our most popular summer color and seems to match perfectly with Greenery. We have several different colors to choose from, including:

  • Yellow Craspedia
  • Billy Balls Flower – Assorted Flowers
  • Craspedia – Pastel Colors
  • Craspedia – Rainbow Colors Mixed
  • Craspedia – Candy Colors Mixed
  • Craspedia – Green Colors Mixed
  • Craspedia – Blue Colors Mixed
  • Craspedia – Purple Colors Mixed
  • Craspedia – Christmas Flowers
  • Craspedia – Fall Flowers
  • Craspedia – Light Pink Flowers
  • Craspedia – Cream Flowers
  • Craspedia – Pink Flowers
  • Craspedia – Dusty Pink Flowers
  • Craspedia – Dark Pink Flowers
  • Craspedia – Peach Colored Flowers
  • Craspedia – Orange Flowers
  • Craspedia – Mint Green Flowers
  • Craspedia – Green Flowers
  • Craspedia – Emerald Green Flowers
  • Craspedia – Lavender Purple Flowers
  • Craspedia – Purple Flowers
  • Craspedia – Turquoise Flowers
  • Craspedia – Azure Blue Flowers
  • Craspedia – Sapphire Blue Flowers
  • Craspedia – Red Flowers
  • Craspedia – Dark Red Flowers
  • Craspedia – Chocolate Flowers
  • Craspedia – Black Flowers
  • Craspedia – Silver Flowers
  • Craspedia – Gold Flowers
  • Dried Craspedia – White Flowers Bleached

Another great option when considering your Bridal Bouquet is our affordable Hydrangea. Hydrangea Flower is often times the sole variety many couples will choose for their wedding. A couple years ago, I went to a wedding in St Augustine and was in complete awe at the beauty of only White Hydrangea. The Wedding looked incredible! Another great color combination if you are going go with a Hydrangea only wedding is Ivory and Blue. These colors look spectacular together and are simple and easy to work with if you keep them hydrated. They are very thirsty.

We have so many colors and varieties, that if would take up the entire space of this blog to list them all, instead, I will list a few of our popular colors, such as:

  • White Hydrangea
  • Super Select White Hydrangea
  • Light Pink Hydrangea
  • Pink Jumbo Hydrangea
  • Metallic Pink Hydrangea
  • Pink Airbrushed Hydrangea
  • Silver Pink Airbrushed Hydrangea
  • Pink Antique Hydrangea
  • Light Peach Airbrushed Premium Hydrangea
  • Pink Neon Hydrangea
  • Lavender Hydrangea
  • Purple Hydrangea
  • Blue Hydrangea
  • Teal Green Blue Hydrangea
  • Metallic Glitter Blue Hydrangea
  • Green Hydrangea
  • Emerald Green Hydrangea
  • Yellow airbrushed Premium Hydrangea
  • Gold Hydrangea Airbrushed
  • Chocolate Hydrangea
  • Orange Hydrangea
  • Red Hydrangea
  • Black Hydrangea

If you want to create something a bit more unusual, you may consider making a Flower Bouquet with Succulents. They are in season year around and their softer greener tones allows them to be a gorgeous option for summer. In Martha Stewart Magazine, they once wrote an article on this and one of their writers said, “They have been a favorite amongst brides and grooms for some time now. We can see why this Greenery trend is still around—Succulent are durable, colorful, and low maintenance.” At Whole Blossoms, we agree with this assessment. We have one of the largest selections available online and will list just a few of them for you hear as well.

  • White Succulent Painted
  • White Succulent Pearl Glitter
  • Purple Succulents
  • Black Succulents
  • Blue Succulents
  • Aloe Succulent Jucunda
  • Green Succulent Wooly Rose
  • Green Succulent Blue Tone
  • Pink Succulent Echeveria Agavoides
  • Green Succulent Echeveria Apus
  • Green Succulent Echeveria Baena
  • Gold Succulent
  • Bronze Succulent
  • Red Succulents Gold Painted
  • Red Succulents
  • Grey Succulents
  • Silver Succulent
  • Black Succulents – Zwart
  • Succulent Flowers Assorted

There is still much more to say and will attempt to conclude this helpful blog next time. Our team is here for you and can help answer any questions you may have and even give you assistance in placing your order. Please visit our website www.wholeblosssoms.com or call us 1-877-259-2566.

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