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What do the Kind of Roses Say about You and Your Wedding?

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Roses - Title

Although we live in modern times, we still cling to several old world beliefs, especially when it comes to weddings. One of those beliefs comes from the Victorian-era tradition of the language of flowers, which maintains that different types and colors of flowers hold symbolism, conveying sentiments that can add very personal touches to your day.

In bygone days a gentleman courted a lady both openly and secretly (such as when the lady’s family either didn’t approve of the match or the parents hadn’t been approached yet) by sending her a flower or bouquet. The particular flower he chose might have symbolized everlasting love or said to her that she was precious to him. The lady in question might have returned a message to the gentleman by wearing a symbolic flower in her hair, or carrying one in her hand, for his view and a message of her own the next time he saw her. Flowers then played a large part in the ritual of courtship, as letters in bloom. The language of flowers grew from a secret form of communication to our modern practice of sharing that symbolism for the entire world to see.

After finding out what some of the most colors in wedding roses express, you may wish to give your own bouquet an in depth, symbolic message, or you might find your own favorite flower has a traditional meaning that is perfect for your day.

1.       White Roses

Roses - White

  • Perhaps the most popular choice for traditional wedding bouquets, the white rose carries several different meanings including virtue, innocence, and chastity.
  • White and red roses together symbolize unity.
  • A full bouquet of white roses symbolize gratitude
  • A garland or crown of white roses symbolizes victory or reward

2.       Pink Roses

Roses - Pink

  • Pink roses are the most popular of colored bridal flowers, with the delicate hue adding romance and femininity to bridal bouquets. Pinks may range from barely there blush to vibrant pink.
  • Dark pink roses symbolize gratitude
  • Light pink roses symbolize grace, desire, passion, joy, energy, and youth.
  • Pink roses given to mothers symbolize the gratitude and joy of the love and support of mothers has always been provided.

3.       Yellow Roses

Roses - Yellow

  • Yellow roses are a favorite for spring and summer weddings, with colors ranging from pale buttercup yellow to bright sunshine yellow.
  • Yellow roses symbolize joy, friendship, and devotion.
  • As with many symbolic items, there’s a flip side. Yellow roses have also been branded with some negative meanings, namely jealousy and, even infidelity. Such is the nature of traditions that have been handed down over time, subject to translation issues from generation to generation.

4.       Red Roses

Roses - Red

  • When brightly colored bridal flowers came on the scene in the late 1990’s, red was the number one color chosen by brides for their bouquets. After all, a bright red bouquet stands out in contrast to a pristine white wedding gown and photographs well.
  • It symbolizes true love, passion, desire, deep love, and respect.
  • Red and yellow roses together symbolize excitement
  • A red rosebud symbolizes purity and loveliness

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