Different Types of Wedding Flowers For Your Dream Wedding

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, a aisle decorated with best flowers, may be of your choice of may be of your wedding planner’s choice but you expect it to be perfect.

When you are creative bride, or friend of a bride, choosing flowers can be a huge task. You are not only choosing flower for your wedding bouquet but for ceremony flowers, centerpieces, wedding cake, boutonnieres, corsages and all other kind of decorations. It can be tedious job because, you have keep in mind the season of the flowers, which kind of flower you want.

There are flowers known for their scent, some for their appearance and some for colors. It gives you a wide range. It depends on what kind of wedding you are planning, is it a s hipster based, vintage one or a simple and elegant one.

To decide on your flower decor, we will help you with different types of flowers for your dream wedding. Here is the list:

1. Rose

Types of Wedding Flowers Roses Continue reading “Different Types of Wedding Flowers For Your Dream Wedding”

Wedding Centerpieces – How To Pick The Right Flowers:

So, wedding being the biggest day of your life, and you want to make it the most beautiful celebration of all time, so other than those huge chandeliers, and those sophisticated aisle runners and pew bows, what else can make your big day celebration an exquisite one?

Yes…it is FLOWERS!!!

Wedding Centerpieces - How To Pick The Right Flowers

Most of us don’t exactly know how to pick the right flowers for our big day, and how to make our guests feel great, because any celebrations without the satisfaction of your guests is incomplete…isn’t it? Continue reading “Wedding Centerpieces – How To Pick The Right Flowers:”

Picking The Right Flowers For Your DIY Wedding

Right Flowers For Your DIY Wedding

The wedding season is here and many of you might be busy making arrangements to make your wedding a grand one. From your wedding theme, to the surprises you have planned for your beloved, everything adds a lovable element to the wedding.

Flowers being an integral part of the celebration, it is necessary for the flower arrangements to be appealing!  And what better gift for your beloved than an unforgettable memory of a beautiful celebration with gorgeous flowers of different colors and fragrances? Continue reading “Picking The Right Flowers For Your DIY Wedding”

Putting Together A Centerpiece

Flowers have been an integral part of weddings since the dawn of time. These days having flowers at your wedding involves figuring out the color schemes, florists charges, getting comfortable with thorn strippers and what not. Putting together a centerpiece is no child’s play, you’ll have to scour the Internet for ideas and go through a zillion pictures of centerpieces that you think can go well with your decor, ideally you should spend some serious time in figuring out what works well for your theme.

It is really important for your wedding centerpieces to compliment your wedding decors theme and match the mood. Wedding centerpieces are placed in a close proximity to your guests, and which is exactly why you should think warily about the ideal pick coz it is after all the center of your decor concept.


You simply cannot make your mind up about the wedding centerpiece instantaneously rather you should list some key factors before finalizing your centerpiece ideas. Matching up with the wedding colors and theme is a smart move. But don’t go overboard; pick something that you can actually afford. Continue reading “Putting Together A Centerpiece”

5 Tips to choose your bridal bouquet

The only time in a girl’s life when she gets to walk around carrying a bunch of beautiful flowers with her is her wedding day and what most of us don’t ever think about is that this bunch of flowers can lead you to the decoration and planning the Whole wedding based on it.

Bridal BouqetFor our gorgeous brides we have summed up the main tips from expert florists on what should be considered when picking out flowers, decoration and the perfect bridal bouquet: Continue reading “5 Tips to choose your bridal bouquet”

Why use Bulk Wholesale Roses at your Wedding

Purchasing wholesale bulk flowers is always a great option when it comes to recreating an environment that only talks about you and your partner on your especial day, plus, it gives you the option to save a few dollars. Some people might say roses have gone out of style or are too common but we will make you think twice and give you a few of the reasons why wholesale roses are a great choice for a wedding throughout the upcoming months.Bulk Wholesale Roses arrangement

Romanticism has been associated with roses from the beginning of times, with their amazingbeauty,scent and variety of shapes and colors, Continue reading “Why use Bulk Wholesale Roses at your Wedding”

Agapanthus, The Flower Of Love

Agapanthus Purple Blue Flowers

The word Agapanthus is derived from the Greek word, Agape, which means love and the word andanthos means flower, and thus the translation of Agapanthusis is- The Flower of Love. Agapanthus is occasionally called by other names like: the African lily, Lily of the Nile and African-Blue Lily. There are around ten different species of the Agapanthus family. Agapanthus blooms are found in large bunches of blue, violet-blue or white. Continue reading “Agapanthus, The Flower Of Love”