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Garland Wreaths
Garland and Wreaths

Wreaths and garlands are commonly thought to be representative of the holiday season. Many individuals purchase fresh garlands and wreaths to celebrate the arrival of the Christmas season. These beautiful and unique greenery have been used, however, since ancient times to celebrate and welcome new seasons in life, in the year, new challenges, and many other important events in a person’s life. Wreaths, for example, were given away by Romans to celebrate triumph and braveness.

Garlands and wreaths are an excellent and affordable option for use in decorating important occasions or to simply dress up the ambiance in homes and businesses for the beginning of the Christmas season. In fact, wreaths are becoming more and more popular to welcome the beginning of the Autumn season. Made out of the freshest and most gorgeous greenery, wreaths and garlands embody the holiday spirit that many are accustomed to during the Winter season. While fresh cut flowers make for gorgeous floral arrangements, fresh cut greenery hold a longer vase life and are fitting for the holiday season. Most foliage and greenery retain a vase life of 2 to 3 weeks, subject to care and handling. Some even lasts 6 to 8 weeks! One benefit of using wreaths and greenery is that if you choose to decorate a space with these items, you do not need to worry about recutting stems, changing water, blooming times, and other considerations generally associated with fresh cut flowers. Continue reading “Celebrating Seasons and Holidays with Garlands and Wreaths”