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Rose - Poetry

Celebrate Your Love with Roses

By Paul Walls

Always looking into your eyes with love,

I am thanking our Father from up above,

Every moment we share, I want to compose,

Surrounding you with flowers, with every rose,

Our moments are pure, such power we feel,

The grace of your beauty is such an appeal,

Without your love, I never want to be,

For you have opened my eyes and made me see,

There is nothing as precious as having you near,

Forever I’ll hold your and cherish you dear,

When I close my eyes and memory does fade,

I always see your smile, and the moment we made… Continue reading “Celebrating Your Love with Roses”

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Your lovely voice echoes across the plain,
It brings joy whenever I hear your name,
Daffodils like a trumpet, your lips repeat,
The love you declare sounds oh, so sweet,
To hear your voice, declaring your love,
Like refreshing raindrops, from heaven above,
Forever, we’ll remain, a new beginning,
Our love unfailing, and never-ending… Continue reading “Declaring Your Love Daffodils”

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Flower poem

If you are about to marry your best friend and committing to remain together in faithful wedded bliss then Alstroemerias, also known as Peruvian Lily, might be the ideal choice in wedding flowers. This gorgeous flower has blossoming green leaves that make their way mounting upside down and then going in series of twists and turns; this is symbolic to how a true companionship grows and matures all through life. This beautiful wedding flower is not only a symbol of eternal love and friendship; it also comes in a range of shades and colors to synchronize with the color of your companionship. Alstroemerias bear a resemblance to miniature lilies and would look adorning on your gorgeous bride of love, friendship and devotion.

There is no better way to signify a relationship that started as a friendship and developed into a lasting partnership of faithfulness and love. If your partner is your best friend too, then it’s nothing short of the heaven coming down from the purple sky and gracing you with such friendship and comfort. Such a magnificent friendship and bond is like an ornament of blessing that God has placed around your neck. Picture yourselves passing on this message to all of your wedding guests as you walk hand in hand through the courts of love. Flowers communicate powerful messages all through our lives. It appears that flowers begin with birth, when a new baby arrives in the family; their loved ones shower the parents with tender flowers of welcome. Throughout life, flowers continue to symbolize love of others in special times, like birthdays, homecomings, proms, promotions, anniversaries, special days, sickness or just because. In a difficult time like death, flowers enfold the ones people love. Long after our loved ones are gone, their graves are still decorated with flowers on Memorial Days and other important dates. No one can deny that flowers represent love, so take pleasure in the days spent in each other’s company as true friends of love with Alstroemerias Flower. You will surely like the message of love and friendship they express and will be delighted with the positive reaction others will give when they glimpse the flower you choose.

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