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This year, Valentine’s Day has been a busy holiday for all of us at WholeBlossoms. Our Sales team and Operational support functions (shipping, order team, logistics, quality control, post harvest team, etc) have all been extremely busy managing the high volume of orders and shipments. We want to assure our customers, however, that we’re always here to help out with any questions you may have, whether in the midst of the busiest floral holiday of the year, or during another typical workday.

Valentines Day at WholeBlossoms
Valentines Day at WholeBlossoms

In addition to its main hub in Dallas, Texas, WholeBlossoms maintains support teams in Colombia and Ecuador, not to mention the numerous farms around the globe which all come together to  ship only the freshest flowers for weddings, events and holidays like Valentine’s Day. Our shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS help support our efforts with quick shipping service between the fields and you.

All indications point to a busier year in 2013. Our locally grown and imported cut flowers look great and are in good supply this month and expected to be for the rest of the year. There are many field flower crops which have snapped back after the brief cold weather experienced on the west coast. A few choice locally grown flowers like Larkspur and Lisianthus show shortages but these are easily overcome with imports that provide assurance on availability for our orders. Our principal buyer Megan is finding local Hellebores now available and in many colors. An abundant supply of  Anemones, Sweet Peas, Acacia, Apricot branches, Quince branches, and Almond branches is manifesting this month. Let us know if you’re needing any of these varieties for custom ordering. Continue reading “This Week At WholeBlossoms…”