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Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers

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White Snow Christmas Centerpiece Akito White Rose Calla Lily Mini Crystal Blush

While most colors look their best during certain seasons, white flowers are one of the few wholesale flowers that combine well with all other colors and are appropriate for every season. White wedding flowers have been popular since the time of Queen Victoria in the 1800s. White wedding flowers suggest purity, serenity, and endless love. Our white wholesale flowers come in a mix of natural white, white-blush, ivory, and off-white shades to complement and enhance  each and every wedding bouquet and flower arrangement.

I will mention some of these beautiful white flowers that Whole Blossoms offers. The Akito Rose is a popular white rose breed among florists and event planners. Akito is considered a pure white in the flower industry. Grown in Colombia and Ecuador, our wholesale Akito white roses is shipped directly to you from a rose farm. Our Akito premium roses are harvested under stringent quality control so you can enjoy the finest export quality wholesale flowers for your most important celebrations. At this time Whole Blossoms has these roses on sale.

The Crystal Blush variety is a beautiful white mini calla that has a pointed body and touches of off-white on its edges. There are a big variety of Calla Lilies; I am just refering to the mini Calla Lilies. If color dictates your wholesale flowers choice, crystal blush mini callas can be an option to consider! Crystal blush mini callas enable you to mix all the imaginative combinations possible since this neutral color blends with all other colors. Buy Crystal Blush calla lilies to arrange bouquets, centerpieces and other floral arrangements for your most important occasions.

Irises have a fuzzy, brightly colored strip that runs along the fallen lower petals known as the beard. White iris signify sweetness, simplicity and purity. Irises are a great choice on wholesale flowers for weddings, events and everyday occasions.

Wholeblossoms offers are wide variety of white flowers for Christmas and for your wedding. You can go into our website and look for wedding colors and you will see all the white flowers that are available. You will also be able to to find the red flowers as well.

Let me mention some red flowers that will be great for Christmas or your wedding celebration. Stunning holiday centerpieces will complement your holiday decorations. The Christmas Joy Flower Centerpiece has a viariety of red, white, and green flowers. Our wide spectrum of colors and varieties will enable you to select the color or design that will complement your wedding reception or event. Our farms make every attempt to fulfill your order with the same flowers displayed in our photos.

Whole Blossoms premium Christmas centerpieces and bouquets are the perfect accent to decorate corporate events, end-of-year company parties and wedding dinner tables. Whole Blossoms Christmas bouquets come directly from our Colombian farms. Our bouquets will bring to your celebrations longlasting fresh and fragrant flowers that will complement your decorations.

Our French red tulips are wholesale flowers bred in Holland and domestic farms in the U.S, depending on the time of the year. The French red tulips displayed have a longer vase life than regular tulips and are phototropic, meaning that they react to light, producing energy and continuing to grow in the presence of light after they are delivered and placed in water. French red tulips are favorite wedding flowers.

Dark Red Hypericum flowers are a favorite during the winter and Christmas season for arranging festive flower centerpieces. Fresh dark Red hypericum berry flowers are available throughout the year and range in length between 18-26 inches. A commonly used green and filler, red Hypericum berries sit atop thin yet rigid stems. Each stems bears between 10-14 berries with each berry measuring 1 to 2cm in width. Choose from dark red hypericum berries or other festive colors for your creative floral needs such as red, white, green, chocolate and yellow. Hypericum flowers are packed carefully at the farm and shipped soon after harvest for maximum freshness upon delivery.

Whole Blossoms wishes you the best Christmas possible and we are glad to be able to be a part of your events and of your Christmas and New year celebrations. We will be more than glad to assist you with any questions you may have.  To all our readers, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Joy Flower Centerpiece Red Tulip FlowerDark Red Hypericum Berries


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