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Creating a Doorway Garland

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Create a dramatic doorway with a garland bursting with spring flowers. Luscious greenery is entwined with Alstroemerias, wax flower, and baby’s breath for a decorative garland perfect for draping anywhere—from doors, arches, and windows to tables, candelabras and chairs.

To create these beautiful pieces you will need the following: Alstroemerias, wax flower, foliage, Plumosa, baby’s breath, paddle wire, and petite water tubes.

  1. Remove all thorns – If the stems of the Plumosa are thorny, use a hand towel to safely strip the thorns off.
  2. Begin Garland – Start by crisscrossing two stems of Plumosa and wrapping paddle wire around the center to secure the stems together. This will create one end of the garland.
  3. Continue Adding Stems – Begin to form the garland by adding more stems of Plumosa.
  4. Layer Stems – Layer each stem of stems (depending on desired fullness) one after the other.
  5. Wrap Stems with Wire – To secure the stems of Plumosa, hold the garland with one hand and wrap the paddle wire around it with the other. The paddle wire should be wrapped over some branches, but others can be loose and free.
  6. Cut Stems – Any excess stems may be cut with clippers as you form the garland.
  7. Finish Plumosa – Continue adding Plumosa until the desired length is reached. Finish off the end of the garland by adding last Plumosa stem in a crisscross fashion. Make a slip knot with the paddle wire to secure it at the end of the garland.
  8. Add Baby’s Breath – Cut branches of baby’s breath and space them along the garland. Wrap the stems into the garland with paddle wire.
  9. Add Foliage – Cut stems of foliage and lay them underneath the entire length of the garland. Wrap paddle wire from one end to the other to secure the stems to the garland.
  10. Add Waxflower – Add stems of wax flower to the garland and wrap with paddle wire.
  11. Add Alstroemerias – Cut stems of Alstroemerias approximately 8” (21cm) long and insert into water filled tubes. Place the flowers in various directions along the garland. Wrap paddle wire around the water tubes to secure the garland.
  12. Secure Flowers – Wrap the wire once more around the completed garland to secure everything. Wrap wire under individual flowers and foliage as needed. Cut the wire and bend the ends into the center of the garland.
  13. Store and Maintain – The garland can be made up to 48 hours in advance of the wedding. To prevent wilting, lightly mist the garland, and then coil it inside a dark plastic bag with a few air holes. Store it in a cool, dark place.

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