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floral trends for wedding decoration

Floral arrangements are the star of the show at weddings. Their presence extraordinarily enhances a room in the most supernatural way. A flower can bring about a drastic aesthetic change. This is why paying attention to floral trends and arrangements you use for your wedding is highly recommended. Finding the correct decorations and wedding floral trends that match the idea, theme, and aura of your wedding is vital.

Although doing so can often be a time consuming process, we have a solution for you! We want to help you out in this wedding planning journey. We have carefully curated seven little changes that would make a significant change in your floral trends and arrangements. These changes will help the process as well as enhance their existence.

7 little changes that will make a big difference with your floral trends

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DIY Weddings Bouquet

Planning a wedding can be a lot of pressure. A wedding involves happiness, joy, blessings, flowers, and a lot of expenses. Flowers are used in huge bulks to decorate the entire wedding venue. Be it any theme or season; there’s always an extensive usage of flowers. To save you some money, you can use a few DIY wedding ideas to enhance your wedding.

13 DIY wedding ideas you should try at your wedding

Here’s a list of 13 ideas about DIY wedding ideas that you may not have known. You can use these floral hacks and save a lot of money!

#1: Cut the stems at 45˚ angle

To elongate the life, retain the freshness and color of the flowers, you can turn them into DIY wedding flowers. The moment the flowers arrive, cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees. After this is done, put them in a bowl of water. More surface area absorbs more water from the stem. This DIY wedding idea will help in retaining the freshness of the flower.

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bridesmaids bouquets fresh cut flowers

Weddings are one of the most special occasions in one’s life. This is why all the details in a wedding have to be beyond perfect. Starting from the flower decorations to the wedding dresses and then the venue, food, and many more things. In all these things, there is this one element that makes all the other things a little prettier, a little more aesthetic, which is the use of fresh cut flowers. These flowers are just so beautiful and vibrant that they can add more life to anything and anywhere that they are used. There are a few reasons which will make you love the use of fresh cut wholesale flowers in your wedding décor. Let us have a look at the undeniable reasons!

What makes the fresh-cut wholesale flowers so lovable?

When the talk is about flowers at weddings, nobody can have a view otherwise! Flowers are the perfect things you could have in the décor as much as possible. That is, the more, the merrier! Always. Here are a few reasons which will make you fall in love with them a little more and make you buy cut flowers for your wedding!

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wedding roses

Weddings are special occasions, indeed. Every woman on earth wants to have the most beautiful wedding; a wedding with everything as perfect as it has been in her dreams. Weddings are filled with emotions that involve extreme joy, uncontrollable happiness as well as happy tears.

All of us see weddings in movies and imagine ours to be something like those or to be honest; we try to find ways to make ours better than the ones we see! The expectations that we have to go high up and the reality might come out a bit different than our dreams. This is because there are factors which need to be taken care of. For example, the wedding roses, budget, venue, reception dinner, and many more things. However, does the reality always have to be a little lesser than what you expected? No, not really. In fact, it could be better than what you imagined it to be like, too. 

When we talk about décor, here’s how brides generally put it and how it turns out:

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diy wedding bouquet on table

You can save a lot of money on a wedding by getting creative with the products at ExpoCart. For some inspiration, let’s take a look at 13 of the very best DIY wedding ideas to make that special day sparkle.

Buy Wholesale Flowers for Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers add a natural feel to a wedding, whether they’re hanging over the tables or lining the aisle, leading beautifully to the altar. All you need are fresh cut wholesale flowers, wire wreaths and some sparkling embellishments to complete the look.

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Wedding Floral Trend

If 2019 is your year that’s going to incorporate the most important day of your life, you are going to pay very close attention to all the trends and details. This is going to help you plan every intricate detail of what is meant to be one of the most memorable days for the rest of your life. The one exceptionally cardinal component is your wedding flowers. Your wedding flowers are going to be visible in abundance and be a part of every little wedding arrangement or wedding décor there is. Hence you as a bride are going to be paying extra attention to the wedding floral trends for the year 2019.

Wedding flower trends are constantly evolving, and what was a trend last year isn’t necessarily going to carry on this year. This why doing your research extensively can always be fruitful. We are here to talk about the floral trends of this year that are taking brides and weddings to a whole another level. These trends are some old, and some new and some trends have a little bit of both.

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DIY Boho Weddings Ideas

Bohemian weddings are back in season! They have a distinct soft and romantic feel which is inspired by nature and beautiful surroundings. The blend of beautiful ideas, including elements of natures, and romanticism and individuality is why the Boho style is famous. Even in the fashion world, this style is quite famous and has spread its wings far wide. It usually portrays free-spirited souls and draws influences from hippie culture. The authenticity of this wedding style is the prime reason why bohemian weddings will never fade out of style.

If you’re looking for a Bohemian styled wedding for yourself, we have got just the right ideas for you. From bohemian dresses and jewelry to décor, bohemian style can be incorporated anywhere and everywhere. Airy dresses, wedding centerpieces, colorful textiles for the venue, and cascading bouquets, all belong to the Boho culture.

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DIY Weddings Rose Bouquet

Wedding celebrations without roses are incomplete. This queen of flowers is the prettiest one and owes to its popularity. It heart-shaped petals represent love and trust, and the thorns indicate that love isn’t just about comfort. Incorporating fresh cut roses in weddings and bridal bouquets have been a traditional trend and would never go out of style. The main reason behind this is the meaning every color possesses. Red colored rose is known for its love and respect. The white color signifies purity and dignity, and pink garden roses signify happiness and gratitude. Orange signifies appreciation and longing and yellow stands for intimate friendship and solidarity.

While you’re designing your wedding dress, why not style your bridal bouquet? Besides being cost-effective, the DIY bridal bouquets give a personal touch to the wedding. Your bouquet, even your bridesmaids’ bouquets, you can create easily. All you have to do is select the flowers which complement your look and the theme. We have listed down unique rose bridal bouquets to help you figure out the bouquet you would want to carry as you walk down the aisle.

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Cheap Destination Wedding

Everyone is a fan of vast and lavish weddings. Full weekend fun, guests are arriving with tremendous gifts, fabulous dresses, and love in the air! And the overwhelming beauty of the wedding location is another type of excitement. While it can be fun to host a grand wedding party, there is something unique and different about an intimate affair.

Small weddings are in trend these days, not because they’re less pressurizing on the budget. But also because they bring a unique opportunity to enjoy with your special ones. You don’t need to worry about every person present there, and a smaller headcount gives the chance to explore and experiment at your wedding. Small weddings open a realm of opportunities which might not be a practical approach for a larger group. And the best part is that you can try different options for venues, decorations, food, and bulk wedding flowers.

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Anemone Flowers Wholesale

Weddings are a time to rejoice, celebrate love and give your life a new beginning. Hence, every wedding is accompanied by lavish arrangements and beautiful settings. A lot of intricacies are involved in planning a wedding. If you are among those in the phase of wedding planning, you’ve come to the right place! Right from selecting the perfect wedding dress for the bride, the venue and food for the guests to deciding the wedding flowers for decoration, everything is important. If you are planning for anemone flowers for the décor, here’s the flower guide you were looking for.

Are you planning the wedding right?

Planning a wedding is a time consuming as well as an expensive affair. Ask yourself- are you prepared well for it? If your answer is a no or you are in a dilemma about it, probably you aren’t dealing with it right. Here are a few suggestions to ease it out for you-

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