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Top Wedding Flowers of All Time

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At Whole Blossoms, we calls every day, asking for our recommendations of Wedding Flowers. This can be a tricky one to answer, because they are all good and can work with any kind of wedding or special event. You might be in the considering stage, which is a good place to start at. We all have to start somewhere, which leads you to many questions.

What kind of wedding are you planning? Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring? What is your wedding theme or favorite colors? Although there are no perfect answers, there are some great Flowers that work perfectly in Wedding Flowers, Wedding Centerpiece Ideas, and Wedding Bouquets.

We are going to give you are quick opinion and short list of floral varieties and encourage you to check out all our flower selections and color selections. We have designed our website to help make your planning a bit easier and we are always here for you to answer any question you may have along the way.

Flower Number 1 – Roses

Roses is the number one choice when it comes to the needs of a wedding couple. We have tons of varieties and colors; you could literally spend hours browsing our catalog. This is usually the variety most people think of when they envision their Bridal Flowers. We have selections to work with an wedding theme and probably sell our Rose Flower more than any other variety.

All our options are priced lower than all our competitors because we know how important it is to keep your wedding costs down and understand that every penny saved adds up to a tremendous amount of savings in the end.

We want to list some of our favorite ones that are usually requested the most, including

  • Blizzard Organic White Rose
  • Polar Star White Rose
  • Playa Blanca Organic Rose
  • Mondial White Organic Roses
  • Tibet Organic White Roses
  • Avalanche White Rose
  • Akito White Rose (My personal favorite)
  • Mount Everest White Rose
  • Eskimo White Rose
  • Moonstone Rose
  • White Blush Garden Roses
  • Candlelight Ivory White Garden Roses
  • Cream Rose – Soul
  • Sahara Organic Roses
  • Antique Carmel Garden Roses
  • Blush Garden Rose Flower
  • Pink Mondial Organic Roses
  • Frutteto Organic Roses
  • Titanic Roses Wedding Flower
  • Secret Garden Rose
  • Sweet Fragrance Roses
  • Esperance Pink Rose
  • Pink Rose – Impression
  • Kaya Rose
  • Mansfield Park Pink Garden Roses
  • Pink Garden Roses – Pink Monster
  • Pink Intuition Rose
  • Wild Topaz Hot Pink Rose
  • David Austin Roses – Edith
  • Cumbia Peach Rose
  • High and Arena Rose
  • Peach Garden Rose – Xpression
  • Tiffany Peach Rose
  • Coral Roses – Coral Reef
  • Topaz Hot Pink Roses
  • Princess Hot Pink Roses
  • Faith Lavender Rose
  • Moody Blues Organic Roses
  • Blue Rose
  • Limbo Green Rose
  • Tutti Organic Yellow Rose
  • Bikini Yellow Rose
  • Déjà Vu Yellow Rose
  • Yellow Rose – Sol
  • Golden Rose – Miro
  • Iguana Orange Rose
  • Freedom Red Organic Roses
  • Charlotte Red Rose
  • Tinted Black Rose

Flower Number 2 – Ranunculus

This variety is my personal favorite, and they can complement any other flower. The way the petals open up really looks amazing in a Flower Bouquet and we sell many different colors. IF you are in the planning stages, you must consider this beautiful variety as it seems to be nature’s way of demonstrating both committed and romantic love. Some of our best sellers include:

  • White Ranunculus
  • Cream Ranunculus
  • Butterfly Ranunculus Cream
  • Pink Ranunculus
  • Peach Ranunculus
  • Hot Pink Ranunculus
  • Yellow Ranunculus
  • Orange Ranunculus
  • Ranunculus Chocolate Flowers
  • Red Ranunculus
  • Burgundy Ranunculus

Flower Number 3 – Peonies

This third variety is the envy of every wedding couple. They really give your arrangements a luxurious appearance. They are a premium flower that looks great with Roses and Ranunculus, as a matter of fact, many engaged couples will use all three varieties in a Wedding Bouquet. This is especially a popular choice for monochromatic arrangements. We have many different varieties, but supplies are limited because they are a seasonal bloom. It is a great idea to plan ahead, to insure availability.

  • Festiva Maxima Peony
  • White Peony Flower
  • Coral Charm Peony Sunset
  • Alertie Blush Peonies
  • Pink Peony Flower
  • Blush Peonies
  • Fuchsia Peony Flower
  • Light Pink Peony
  • Hot Pink Peonies
  • Sarah Bernhardt Peony
  • Dark Red Peony

Next week we will list the next top Flowers For Wedding and hope this gives you some insight with your wedding planning. Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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