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4 Ideas To Add Floral Decor To Your Entryways

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Not only does this article contain ideas for weddings and events, it also gives some fresh ideas on how to decorate your homes or gathering places for the fall season and upcoming Christmas season.

Your site may have one main entrance doorway, or, as in the case of an estate home or your own home, it may have many doors. Each door presents an opportunity for a floral décor touch. For under $5 each you can create an accent for each door, welcoming guests as they move throughout the location and again showing that you paid mind to the tiniest of details and took advantage of every stylish opportunity to add multifaceted floral effects to your reception location.

Doors have long been a symbolic part of wedding lore and tradition. The groom carries the bride over the threshold. The bride and groom are introduced for the first time as husband and wife when they walk through a door into their reception room. Culturally, doors also hold symbolism, such as the Dutch practice of painting the doorway of the bride’s house green so that she may enter into a prosperous marriage.

At your reception location, you can add symbolism to floral door décor by using birth-month flowers or referring to the language of flowers for bloom meanings. But the largest concern for most brides and grooms is purely decorative. This is where you get to design an added floral touch like a master painter’s final flourishes on a portrait.



–          A simple wreath hanging on the door works for every season and every formality of wedding.

–          Create spring wreaths containing pastel-colored tulips and hydrangeas.

–          Create informal summer wreaths made of Gerber daisies, wildflowers, or bright roses.

–          Use plenty of florals and berries to give wreaths more texture.

–          Match the fabric of wreath bows to the color type of fabric your bridesmaids are wearing.

Doorknob Décor


–          Hang a floral pomander on each doorknob. Use these tiny, four-to five-inch rounds of tiny flower balls to add a dash of color to doorknobs.

–          Choose color-coordinated ribbon to affix pomanders to doorknobs.

–          Another attachment option is to use a fabric braid, such as a pink silk braid, that you can buy ready-made at a craft or fabric store.

–          For luck, use the fen shui rule of a red or gold cord to attach the pomander to the doorknob.

Over-Door Arches

Door Arches

–          You’ve seen those beautiful half-circle windows shown in Architectural Digest and other home-décor magazines, so create the same arched effect with flowers above every door.

–          Ask the site manager how arches may be affixed to on-site doorways.

–          Arches can be made purely from garland and greenery.

–          If arches are not possible on your doors, take the next best step by lining the top of each door frame with a length of floral garland.

Doorway Accents

Doorway Accent

–          Set potted flowers on either side of a doorway entrance.

–          If a mailbox sits next to a doorway, use that as a makeshift planter and fill it with color-coordinated blooms and greenery.

–          If a mailbox sits next to a doorway, use that as a makeshift planter and fill it with color-coordinated blooms and greenery.

–          At a home wedding, get rid of any deck or lawn décor such as flamingos or garden gnomes to make way for floral décor.

–          If you think wind chimes bring good luck, hang a floral-themed wind chime near a door.

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