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7 Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

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Fresh cut flowers have a history of being used in weddings since the beginning of time. I imagine the first wedding between Adam and Eve was breathtaking since it involved a garden God Himself planted. The first record of wedding flowers dates back to the ancient Greeks. They were used to adorn the brides with crowns of flourishing radiance, giving them the appearance they were a gift of nature. Bridesmaids used floral garlands, bridal bouquets and boutonnieres. Posies were also given to each guest to wear as a symbol of thanks.

Throughout time, flowers and their meaning has stayed pretty much the same in their significance. When you include them in your wedding you are celebrating the gift of nature you believe your true love to be.

Here is a list of 7 ways to make your wedding as close to the Garden of Eden and celebrate the love of your life as the gift nature has provided to your happiness:

1. You can add flowers to your hair

7 Ways - Hair Flowers

– Decide on your favorite blooms, don’t just use them in bouquets and corsages, and be creative.

– Combine the look you want with your wedding theme and colors.

– A crown can complete a bride’s wedding day look.

– Choose a bloom from your bouquet as inspiration for your hair.

– Some good flower choices, once you decide on a hairstyle could be: white peonies, orchids, calla lilies or garden roses.

– Add final touches of hair spray, special mists, etc, before adding the flowers. Adding chemicals after you put in your flowers may harm them.

Freesia crowns around a swept-up hairdo can frame your face perfectly.

2. You can add flowers to the backs of your chairs

7 Ways - Backs of Chairs

– Adding florals to your chairs is an overlooked detail.

– With the right embellishments, you can transform a standard folding chair into a beautiful part of your wedding vision.

– If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can even dangle crystal vases with roses next to each chair.

3. You can add flowers to the aisles

7 Ways - Flowers in Aisles7 Ways - FLowers in Aisles 2

– Imagine yourself walking down a heavenly road of rose petals as bouquets of flowers cheer you with fresh smiles of nature’s goodness.

– Be creative and incorporate your favorite flowers in your dream wedding.

4. You can create a photo backdrop with flowers

7 Ways - Photo Backdrop

– Create the most heart-felt photos with a backdrop of your favorite flowers.

– Your photo album will gather attention with a floral pattern that surrounds your favorite images.

5. You can add flowers to your wedding cake

7 Ways - Cake Flowers7 Ways - Cake Flowers 2

– Using fresh flowers is a lot less expensive than the gummy paste they put on top of cakes.

– Our flowers would be great to use because they use natural plant treatment that is safe for the environment and for your cakes.

Baby’s breath would look dazzling as is swirls from the top to the bottom of your cake and around your cake table.

Roses are also an excellent choice if snipped very close to the end.

6. Use flowers to surround a seating chart

7 Ways - Seating Chart


– Seating charts are very helpful when you have a large group of people coming and need to strategically place everyone.

– Perhaps you can use the same flowers as your photo backdrop and chair florals.

7. Use flowers to decorate place settings

7 Ways - Place Settings

– Sophisticated place settings is the dramatic pause before a gourmet feast, sure to beautify any wedding table

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