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Just Getting Engaged? Part #2

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Fresh Cut Flowers in Winter Weddings

We are now well into the first month of the New Year and the time for weddings is approaching once again. Winter is a great time to get married. We are going to give you some reasons why and how we can help you with your Wedding Flowers and the varieties of blooms we have available for your bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral needs.

One reason winter is a great time to get married is there is less stress involved this time of the year. Since the weather is typically cold and uninviting for outdoor weddings, the events are usually held inside which takes away the stress of worrying about weather conditions for a wedding or any outdoor event. Taking care of your Wholesale Flowers is a bit easier to manage as well, being inside.

Another reason is the lack of humidity. This is plus for brides concerned about their hair and makeup, which humidity can wreak havoc on a bad hair day. Often brides have a difficult time keeping their makeup perfect on those hot days. Winter is the perfect time to avoid such devastating obstacles.

An additional reason is the availability of dates and lower pricing during the cold months. Truth is, at Whole Blossoms, we sell far more flowers for weddings than we do any other time of the year. Availability is something you should always consider. During the winter months, there is less chance of conflicting dates at wedding venues and prices are often times reduced. This is a great reason to plan a wedding this time of the year.

Winter Flower Arrangements

Travel is usually a lot cheaper during the winter months. If you have out of town family members and guests, plane tickets and hotel accommodations is far less expensive. During the summer months it can be extremely frustrating trying to book a hotel because many are sold out and you may even have to settle for a lower star rated hotel with a much higher price. Booking in the winter is less expensive and many times you can go through a hotel broker and find a very nice hotel that is far more affordable than the busy vacation months of summer.

During the summer months you have a greater chance of getting wedding fatigue. Sometimes it can be oppressively hot all dress up that you have a greater chance of passing out. During the winter, the air is much cooler and cold, becoming more inviting for dressing up and putting many layers of clothes.

Another positive aspect of a winter wedding is the mood winter can put people in. Many times, the heat of the summer months can cause added stress. People can get irritated and cranky. Sweat causes stress and stress can affect everything from wedding photos to how you will remember your big day. Cooler weather can often feel refreshing and this will show in everything you do.

So you can see here are just few advantages of a winter wedding. Last article we talked about some special winter varieties, now let’s talk about some winter centerpieces that you might find very appealing.

Arrangement One:

Our first suggestion we recommend Cream Roses or Cream Peonies, White Baby’s Breath, Light Blue Hydrangeas, and White Amaryllis. These look wintery and majestic in a clear or white vase with some pine cones placed sparingly in your centerpiece. With this arrangement you can really feel the winter love and you can create several of these to place all throughout the wedding chapel and reception area.

Arrangement Two:

This arrangement feels wintery with some warming tones. You can assemble Peach Ranunculus, and Yellow Ranunculus with Peach Tulips and Pink Tulips. This fine looking arrangement sort of has a late winter feel that is closer to spring. It has some advantages in that it appears like the art of a skilled craftsman.

Winter Wedding Floral Arrangements

Arrangement Three:

This really makes a great bouquet for winter. You will need some White Roses and White Peonies with Succulents. Be sure to add some pine cones and spray with a light layer of artificial snow. This bouquet will look fantastic if you want to take some outdoor photos in an area that has fresh snow. The photos we receive from brides who had them taken in the snow with their bouquets looks like something out of a storybook or fairy tale.

Arrangement Four:

With this one you will need Red Peonies, peach and Cream Roses. You can add some Seeded Eucalyptus and Yellow Baby’s Breath. This has a perfect winter balance.

At Whole Blossoms we have over 3,000 varieties to choose from and love to hear your questions and are ready to help. You can also give us a call at 1-877-259-2566. Winter is a great time for a wedding and now is the perfect time to order your flowers in advance.

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