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The Power of Burgundy Flowers for Fall Centerpieces ( Part 2 )

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burgundy calla lily fall wedding bouquet

This week we are back for part 2 of our continuing series on the power of Burgundy Flower for Fall Centerpieces. Last article we covered Burgundy Anemone Flower, Burgundy Dahlia Flower, and Ranunculus Burgundy Flower.

Burgundy is a very important color and can be a color viewed as a tone that indicates power. Burgundy Flowers are well known to be arranged with during the fall and can fully demonstrate the power of the changing season. The richness of this color gives the wedding a powerful energy that commands your attention.

Burgundy comes in lighter and darker shades and makes the perfect with White Flowers, Cream Flowers, and Pink Flowers; you might also consider arranging with Light Blue Flowers, and Orange Flowers. Depending on the color scheme, each shade and each variety can create an emotion in an artful way that needs not words to be expressed.

Today, let’s look at a few more varieties of Burgundy Colored Flowers.

Long Mini Calla Lily Purple Chocolate Flowers

This variety can really create a dramatic appearance that will completely take your breath away. The shape of their heads reminds me of a skillful slide that is open at the top and follows down the contour and into the stem. Its funnel like appearance also resemble long vases and seems to be arranged like a ready, musical instrument, waiting to play beautiful music, the moment one takes on its gaze.

A magnificent arrangement idea would be to arrange with White Aster, White Garden Roses, Burgundy Garden Roses, Babys Breath Flowers, and Israeli Ruscus. When carried as Wedding Bouquets, though the bride is gleaming with her radiant smile, the handsome groom cannot help but take notice, as it has an energizing power that seems to fix the moment in a permanent bond of love and trust.

Calla Lily Schwarzwalder

You will like the bigger cousin of the Mini Calla. This variety has the same shape as the mini version, but much bigger. Since it has the bigger heads, you might consider an arrangement with this one variety alone. You might also consider arranging them with Burgundy Cymbidium Orchid.

The harmony of the two contrasting shapes brings a wonder mixture of textures and darker tones. This exciting variety certainly has been ordered more in recent years. It seems to be symbol sophistication more than anything, and is sure to gain respect and attention from all its admiration.

Calla Lilies Pink Burgundy Flower

This bicolor Callalily has a very good looking tone of light pink and purple. It can go well with Pink Flowers or Purple Flowers. If you want to create some excitement in your floral arrangements, mix with White Freesia Flowers. The clustery white head with green buds makes an exciting duet with this Calla Lily. Many brides like to make bouquets with only Calla lilies, and this adds to the visual excitement of an outdoor fall wedding. The bicolor tone wondrously complements the changing colors on the leaves and allows you to make the most inspiring photographs.

There is something attractive about this bicolor tone that enriches your soul. From personal experience, I have had an arrangement in my home and placed it in the middle of the dining room table. I often like to work from my dining room table and like to watch the sunrise. As the sun rises, the light coming in seems to dance on the tones with magic and is truly inspiring. Enough can’t be said about its tones.

Fiddlehead Fern

For a truly exotic variety of Burgundy Flowers, the Fiddlehead Fern takes the prize. To me it looks more like a flower out of fantasy or science fiction than anything. It is a fern plant that gets its name from its curled heads that seems to resemble the head of a fiddle.

Although our variety is not to be eaten, that can be eaten in the wild, and you can find some very delicious looking recipes for sautéed fiddlehead. The can certainly add some creative excitement for Bridal Bouquets and can stand up vertically like Veronica Flowers, or like the Upright Amaranthus. If you are having an outdoor event in a rural setting, you might consider the Fiddlehead Fern for an alternative to the more standard fillers.

Painted Burgundy Hydrangea Flower Bouquet Centerpiece

If you are searching for a quick and easy prearrangement, you might keep this Hydrangea in consideration. We have many Centerpiece Ideas, and this one comes with three Burgundy painted Hydrangeas with a few shoots of Lily Grass and Evergreen Tips. This might make a welcoming bouquet, or you might order a few of these to create table centerpieces. The burgundy tone will seem like the missing ingredient for fall floral arrangements as the rich tone adds to the sense of mystique and energy of the fall season.

Next week we will continue this series on Burgundy Flower and hope this series is helpful to add some creative ideas, and inspiration for the coming months.

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