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The Power of Burgundy Flowers for Fall Centerpieces ( Part 3 )

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Burgundy Gerrondo in bridal bouquet

In this blog, we are continuing our series, “The Power of burgundy Flowers for Fall Centerpieces.” So far we have covered many excellent varieties of Wholesale Flowers that are perfect for Fall Wedding Flowers and all of your Centerpiece Ideas. At Whole Blossoms, we have an incredible selection of Burgundy Flowers that you will “fall” in love with. The problem is that with so much inspiration, it can be difficult to decide which blooms you want to use. We are going through each variety and giving you some exciting ideas on how to use them in your Fall Wedding or other seasonal event.

There is something almost mystical about Burgundy Wedding Flowers that captures the imagination and emotions of the soul. There is also something magical about the reddish brown tones that create the most incredibly rich balance of tones when arranging with White Flowers, Cream Flowers, and Peach Flowers.

Calla Lilies Majestic Red Flowers

This is truly a beautiful flower and the very cool texture and shape of this Calla Lily will make it an excellent performer alone, or with your other favorite varieties.

One very simple way to arrange it is with some Italian Ruscus and Blue Phlox. The balance of colors is harmonious with nature and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed or overpowered with too many colors. We have brides and event planners, as well as floral designers comment on how well these colors bring the tones of the earth and sky into a fitting arrangement for Wedding Bouquets and even Wedding Centerpieces. This arrangement looks excellent if you are wearing a white dress and looks great for indoor weddings.

For a more integrated arrangement, we recommend arranging with Peach Roses, Baby Breath Flower, Plum Roses, or Dark Purple Roses, Purple Orchids, and Lily Grass Filler. You may want to add some Green Hypericum for some extra green. This particular arrangement looks great for indoor or outdoor weddings and special events.

You can do a lot with this color and variety. If you have an idea for Fall Flower Arrangements and you would like to use Purple Flowers, or Dark Purple Flowers, you will be very impressed with the way this variety and its tone will help to add rich details and alluring appeal.

Burgundy Carnation Flowers

As you will notice, when browsing our website, we have several varieties of Burgundy Carnations. One of the things some may be looking for are the most economical of all our blooms, and our Carnations are not only the lowest priced, but with perfect, premium quality. It has everything you need to give you an outstanding performance in your Wedding Flowers. If you are preparing your DIY Wedding Flowers, and need a couple ideas for your Fall Floral Arrangements, we suggest arranging these with White Garden Roses, Blush Rose, Protea Flower, Italian Ruscus, and Pink Lisianthus. When you see this combination of varieties, you can’t help but say, wow! If you are creating a bouquet, this arrangement with Burgundy ribbon added, will match very well with a burgundy or blush dress, however, will also look outstanding with a white dress.

For other spectacular Floral Arrangement Ideas, we recommend arranging this carnation variety with Red Roses, Pink Astilble, and your favorite Greens and Greenery. This particular arrangement may border towards the holidays but can certainly make a very rewarding arrangement for the Fall Wedding Season.

Allium Purple Burgundy Flower

One thing about Allium is the way it puts on an excellent performance in Bridal Bouquets and other arrangements, due to the volume it provides. For an exciting Fall Arrangement that appears more natural and is perfect for outdoor events, although they are great for indoors as well, is to arrange them with the following varieties: Peach Garden Roses, Green Thistle, or Blue Thistle, Burgundy or Purple Calla Lilies, Pink Phlox, Babys Breath Flowers, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. This arrangement looks incredible and is fun to assemble. We have the best quality available that you will not find anywhere else. Our prices are lower than you will find anywhere else, so this is a win win floral variety.

For an extremely simple Bridesmaid Bouquet, just arrange with White Peonies, or White Garden Roses. The colors really complement each other and with fewer varieties together, help to make them not overpowering with the Bridal Bouquet.

Gerrondo Gerbera Daisies Burgundy Flowers

This very unique Gerbera Daisy is very charming and should certainly be considered, if your fall wedding theme is burgundy. If you want to make a stunning bouquet, we recommend arranging them with Blue Thistle, Sunflowers, Violet Calla Lilies, or Light Purple Calla Lilies, Pink Phlox, and some Israeli Ruscus. This is another excellent outdoor piece and something about the tones assembled together, bring a very powerful emotion and reminder of the beauty of fall colors.

For a lighter variation of the same thing, we recommend arranging them with Peach Spray Roses, Red Rose, White Astilbe, and Israeli Ruscus.

You will really enjoy how the Gerbera Daisy cooperates well with other blooms.

Next week will be the conclusion of our series and am not only excited about sharing the last of our Burgundy Blooms collection; I am also excited about sharing my blog ideas in the coming weeks. You won’t be disappointed, so stay tuned!

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