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The Power of Burgundy Flowers for Fall Centerpieces ( Part 4 )

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burgundy flowers for weddings

Well, we finally reached the fall season officially and it is time to get ready for your Fall Flower Arrangements. We are living in some crazy times, but the bottom line is that people are still getting married and have some of the most incredible Wedding Themes coming into the fall season.

This is our final part of our 4 part series on Burgundy Flowers for weddings, or even a special events  with a fall theme in mind. Flowers are part of our lives in so many ways, and Burgundy is the perfect color to invite the rich tones of the changing colors and is the perfect complement for so many colors, such as Coral Flowers, White Flowers, Pink Flowers, Cream Flowers, Purple Flowers, and even Red Flowers. We will now finish up with our most popular Burgundy Flowers for weddings.

Dianthus Violet Burgundy Flower

Dianthus is a great Flower for weddings, especially with a rich burgundy tone that has a hint of violet shade.  This particular Dianthus Flower looks wonderful with Sahara Roses! The cream and burgundy balance is truly inspiring!

Another fine arrangement idea is to assemble with Burgundy Tulips, Eucalyptus, and Green Button Poms. This kind of arrangement is simple, yet will look great as Table Centerpiece Ideas.

They also make the perfect Bridesmaid Bouquets with Burgundy Carnations and Pink Roses. You can really stretch a little to make it go a long way, as it makes the perfect accent flower and Flowers for Fall Centerpiece Ideas.

When considering Wedding Themes For Fall, it’s great to have some Wedding Theme Ideas.

A Rustic Wedding will make your Dianthus become the perfect floral accent. Some great Rustic Wedding Ideas can include much Greens and Greenery with your special occasion and you can really make it authentic by adding pieces of old furniture, such as wooden tables and wooden chairs and use them as the Booze Table, Reception Table, the bride and groom chairs, and more.

Burgundy Spider Mums

When it comes to Spider Mums, Burgundy Spider Mums look stunning in Flower Arrangements! They can really be the perfect filler and focal flower for Fall Wedding Flower Ideas.

One arrangement idea is to arrange with Sunflowers, Solidago, and Burgundy Carnations. A Spider Mum has elongated petals that make it an excellent outdoor flower as they are typical used in Fall Arrangements for Football Homecomings. Burgundy’s deep tone is the right dark shade that accentuates all the fall colors of Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, and Brown.

Burgundy Painted Succulent Flower

Succulents are incredible for Fall Flowers! There are many Types of Succulents, but this one can be an exciting and creative bloom for Floral Arrangements and DIY Wedding Flowers.

Burgundy Painted Succulent Flower

In the past, Succulents haven’t been the traditional Wedding Flower, but in recent times, they have become a bit trendier. They are not only colorful, but low maintenance and very durable. They can be used as cake toppers, a defining shape for a Wedding Bouquet, and more. We have seen many of our brides and event planners use them in planters to display escort cards and can really add an earthly flair for the ceremonial altar.

You can browse for all kinds of wedding ideas on how to use them and even come up with your own. You will be surprised at all the many creative ways they are being used.

Burgundy Cymbidium Orchid

A Cymbidium Orchid in your wedding can make your Bridal Bouquet look thrilling. Many Brides enjoy them in their Beautiful Flower Arrangements. You might consider adding one or two stems into your  Flower Arrangements, or you may enjoy seeing  a string of them to appear as if flowing out of the bouquets. Burgundy is a really wonderful color of Cymbidium and really makes your arrangements look classy.

One really cool looking bouquet idea is to arrange them with Dark Red Garden Roses, Burgundy Ranunculus, and Dark Red Peonies. This arrangement looks exceptional and will appear very personal in your wedding. An outdoor fall wedding may be just the perfect environment for this floral arrangement.

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At Whole Blossoms, we have over 3,000 varieties of Wholesale Flowers and are adding new products to our catalog every week. We have several other varieties of Burgundy Flowers on our website and invite you to take a look for yourself and see what might work well for your wedding plans and ideas.

If there is a particular variety of burgundy you can’t find on our website, let us know. Many times we are able to locate them through one of our many farms.

This concludes part 4 of our 4 part series and really excited and encourage about our Wedding Flowers and events coming up as people begin to get back to making wedding plans. We hope to continue giving you the best premium quality from all around the world and always the lowest prices.

Next week we plan on an exciting article on Halloween Flowers and Halloween Floral Arrangements. We have an exciting new collection and can’t wait to show you!

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