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Bouquets and Centerpieces You Can Make for Shock and Awe

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At Whole Blossoms we not only want to give you the freshest flowers at a wholesale price, we want to help you create some floral pieces that will give the shock and awe effect. Now that the Halloween season is over the Thanksgiving holiday is now in sight. You may be having a wedding before Thanksgiving and it’s still not too late to get your Wholesale Flowers for your wedding. You may also want to decorate your church, business, office, or even home for the holiday season and coming up with some shock and awe bouquet ideas might be a bit challenging. So here are few ideas that might be able to help get your creative flow going.

Autumn Sunrise Bouquet

This lovely bouquet will need a Greek style ceramic bowl for a vase. You will now need the following varieties: Yellow Alstroemeria, medium yellow sunflowers, bronze cushion spray chrysanthemum, spiral Eucalyptus, huckleberry, and brown oak leaves. As you assemble this arrangement you can feel the autumn sun on a cool morning. There is a slight fog and the dew rises upon the frosty hills. The golden trees seem to capture the moment as this stunning arrangement is placed on a table, counter, or even a church altar. It leaves you with a refreshing feel of excitement.

Thanksgiving Lighted Candle Bouquet

When you finally get to sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner, and prepare to give thanks for another bountiful year, lighting some candles can certainly establish the mood. Finding the right centerpiece can be exactly what makes this moment special. Here is a bouquet that will glow bright with the perfect fall colors. You will need the following varieties: orange roses, peach Asiatic lilies, red Alstroemeria, bronze button spray chrysanthemums, burgundy cushion chrysanthemums, seeded eucalyptus, huckleberry, yellow transparent oak leaves, and two peach candles. To assemble you will need an autumn ceramic bowl and arrange together for a powerful presentation of beauty and color.

Autumn Rose Bouquet

If you want to add a little rose charm in your centerpieces then the Autumn Rose bouquet is a special creation for you admiration and consideration. You will need the following varieties: light orange roses, orange miniature carnations, bronze cushion spray chrysanthemums, white waxflower, spiral eucalyptus, grevillea, seeded eucalyptus, brown oak leaves, and two peach candles and an autumn bowl or vase. When you assemble, be sure to stage the orange roses into a consistent formation with everything surrounding the focused roses. This piece is sure to shock and awe with its glowing fancy in floral arrangement centerpieces.

Autumn Rose Bouquet

Autumn Gold Bouquet

This bouquet is defined by its simple characteristics and autumn charm. It is certainly an enjoyment to look and features some very lovely varieties. You will need the following: A clay terracotta pot, miniature orange gerberas, dark orange Alstroemeria, gold cushion mums, red daisies, solidago, and salal. Autumn is a time when the leaves are changing and the colors are turning amber, bronze, and gold. This centerpiece is will make you feel the power of autumn and appreciate its glowing appearance.

Sophisticated Thanksgiving Bouquet

This one is certainly going to be a favorite. It also looks fantastic for fall weddings. To assemble you will need the following varieties which you can select wholesale from Whole Blossoms: white roses, peach roses, peach Asiatic lilies, peach carnations, dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus, brown oak leaves, and lemon leaf. You will also need a clear vase. The lilies and carnations mixed together with peach colors will give you the sophisticated charm needed to enhance and give it that little extra charm that any Thanksgiving formal dinner party can truly appreciate.

Sophisticated Bouquet

Thanksgiving Welcome Bouquet

Now this is a charming bouquet if you are invited for the Thanksgiving holidays. You want to give a warm thank you and can truly appreciate being welcome and invited guest. To assemble this arrangement you will need the following Wholesale Flowers and Fresh Cut Greens: orange roses, yellow sunflowers, gold cushion spray chrysanthemums, seeded eucalyptus, oregonia, and magnolia leaves. Be sure to find an orange glass cube for a vase and assemble together. You will find that anyone receiving it is sure to feel and thanksgiving welcome.

Thanksgiving decorations are important and besides making arrangements for the shock and awe, setting up some other wonderful decorations will be the greatest complement for your floral arrangements. Although Halloween is over and jack-o-lantern carvings are through, pumpkin decorations can really bring out the fall mood like no other. You may even want to place small pumpkins around your dining and serving tables, along with the centerpieces of your choice.

Bouquet for Home Decor

Home décor with cardboard hangings if not overdone is a nice little touch. You may hang them from door handles, tape them to windows, and even place them around the serving table. Any kind of decorations with pilgrims and Indians are sure complement well. You may place them on the fireplace mantle and even place them on coffee and end tables. Fall colored balloons such as white, brown, orange, red, yellow, gold, and even green can add a little spice. Just get creative and put them around the desert or kids’ tables for a little extra fun. Turkey table decorations are sure to get a bit more attention as your guests arrive, smell the delicious food and await the golden brown turkey.

You may also consider some outdoor decorations as well, such as medium to large pumpkins in front of the garage, sidewalk and front door. You may want to assemble your own little pumpkin patch in the front yard. Don’t forget to get some fall Wreaths and Garlands. At Whole Blossoms we have some pretty good selections for fall. Magnolia Garland looks very sharp and complements all the fall colors as does the Magnolia Leaf Wreath. Some other good choices are: magnolia seeded garland, the pine magnolia garland, and pumpkin wreath garland.

At Whole Blossoms, we are here to help you create the shock and awe everyone is sure to remember.

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