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A Captivating Wedding Decor With Anemone Flowers

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Weddings are beautiful occasions full of bliss. Every wedding is accompanied by a lot of pre-wedding preparations and tons of treasurable memories. Wedding decorations are indeed a tedious task to plan out. However, choosing the right flowers and wedding theme is an exciting process too. So, how does one go about it?
You can pick hydrangeas, lilies, tulips, roses or chrysanthemums to enhance your wedding arrangements, Or, you could instead go for a unique blooming bulb for your special day and pick white anemone flowers instead! Whether it is white anemone flowers or the elegant blue anemone flower blooms, these beauties make up for magnificent wedding decors due to their lovely appearance.

Anemones bring a spring-like feel

Unique flower varieties are usually seasonal in nature. Yes, there are beautiful blooms like roses and lilies which are generally available all the year around. However, a lot of flowers have a season associated with them. For example, mums signify a summer wedding affair while asters are all about the autumn season.

Similarly, anemone flowers talk about a vibrant spring with their bright and soft look. Blue or purple anemone flowers look extremely pretty in a flower décor. The blue anemone flowers bring an aura of spring and cheer to the wedding. Thus, setting in the right mood for the guests with their charm.

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Versatility in styles

Anemone flowers are available in quite a lot of species. While all the varieties are a little different from each other and special in their own way, they all have some similarities too. Whether it is the blue anemone flowers or the white ones, all these blooming bulbs have dark centers. With dark furry centers, the soft and silky lighter hued petals just complement perfectly.
White anemone flowers make up for a perfect vintage themed wedding décor. On the other hand, blue anemone flowers and the red ones are more towards a tropical feel. Purple anemone flowers signify happiness and joy. Thus, a purple anemone flower wedding décor has an aura of love, joy and cheer all around.

Match them right!

The blooms of anemones are medium in size. This makes them perfect for almost all the flower varieties. However, there are a few flowers which suit better with anemones than the others. Purple anemone flowers look lovely when paired up with white peonies. Blue anemone flowers, on the other hand, look magical with baby’s breath.
Much like roses and lilies, white anemone flowers go really well in wedding bouquets along with ranunculus flowers. You could even put in a few tulips, baby’s breath, and a few purple anemone flowers together to make elegant and royal centerpieces.

The anemone themed wedding

For those of you who like rich and classic wedding decors, anemone theme wedding would be a great idea. White anemone flowers are all about that. The different motifs and colors that we can pair these blooms with are aplenty. The purple anemone flowers and the blue anemone flowers are on a little brighter tone and look wonderful for tropical or beach wedding affairs. Colors like yellow and orange in anemones bring out the sunny side of the wedding, adding perfect cheer to it. Decide the kind of a touch of romance you would like for your wedding and get going with the perfect wedding planning. Go finalize your blue, purple or white anemone flowers today!

Attractive anemone table centerpieces

Table centerpieces are an essential décor element for the wedding. There are a variety of ways in which the pink or purple anemone flowers could be used along with greens to create lively centerpieces. White anemone flowers also make up for rich table centerpieces for lavish, outdoor affairs. Pair the white anemone flowers filled glass vase centerpieces with a few scented candles and your romantic wedding setting is ready!

white anemone flower

The bridal bouquet and boutonnieres full of anemones

No wedding is complete without a pretty bridal bouquet and the lovely bridesmaid bouquets. How about opting for a white anemone flower bridal bouquet that will match perfectly well with the stunning white wedding dress of the bride. Or, pair up the blue anemone flowers with white tulips to create a cute, summer feel bouquet for the bridesmaids.
Pink peonies and white anemone flowers go extremely well with each other. They are sure to catch everyone’s attention as the bride walks the aisle with a bouquet of the lovely blossoms. You could even pick the bright and cheerful purple anemone flowers to make DIY boutonnieres for a daytime wedding.

How about some anemones on the wedding cake?

A white wedding cake with a purple anemone flower on top would just make up for a delicious and magnificent wedding cake. You could even use other colored anemones as per your wedding theme.

Buy the finest anemones from the finest florist!

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