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Wedding Centerpieces

At Whole Blossoms we not only want to give you the freshest flowers at a wholesale price, we want to help you create some floral pieces that will give the shock and awe effect. Now that the Halloween season is over the Thanksgiving holiday is now in sight. You may be having a wedding before Thanksgiving and it’s still not too late to get your Wholesale Flowers for your wedding. You may also want to decorate your church, business, office, or even home for the holiday season and coming up with some shock and awe bouquet ideas might be a bit challenging. So here are few ideas that might be able to help get your creative flow going.

Autumn Sunrise Bouquet

This lovely bouquet will need a Greek style ceramic bowl for a vase. You will now need the following varieties: Yellow Alstroemeria, medium yellow sunflowers, bronze cushion spray chrysanthemum, spiral Eucalyptus, huckleberry, and brown oak leaves. As you assemble this arrangement you can feel the autumn sun on a cool morning. There is a slight fog and the dew rises upon the frosty hills. The golden trees seem to capture the moment as this stunning arrangement is placed on a table, counter, or even a church altar. It leaves you with a refreshing feel of excitement.

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10 Gift Ideas Newlywed Couples Will Love

Gifts are the ultimate way to express your love and emotions. The right gift can be the perfect representation of your wishes for any special occasion, especially weddings. Is your best friend getting married soon? Or has your sibling eloped and came back married to their better half? You need a gift that can tell them just how happy and elated you are for them and their future.

Choosing the right wedding gift is extremely difficult and critical. The special occasion is one of the most memorable days of the happy couple’s life and they will surely remember your contribution to it. Your gift not only needs to celebrate the happy occasion but should also be something that the newlywed couple love and adore.

We understand just how daunting the process can be and that is why have selected some of the most special, memorable, and romantic gifts that any newlywed couple will absolutely love.

Here are some things that you can gift on the special occasion:-

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How to Plan a Small Wedding

Weddings are one of the most special days of our lives and it deserves to be romantic, intimate, and meaningful. Planning a large and grand wedding, with a wide and extensive guest list loses the intimacy and meaningfulness somewhere along the line. Not only will you face daunting decisions and exorbitant expenses, but also the stress can take away all your happiness and joy of the celebratory occasion. You do not need a massive venue, a wedding decorated, and 200 guests to plan the wedding of your dreams. The best way to enjoy your wedding in an intimate and meaningful way is to plan a small wedding with just your close friends and family.

A small and close-knit crowd, some stunning wedding flower centerpieces, a decadent and beautiful wedding cake, and some delicious food is all you need to get the romantic, intimate, and meaningful wedding that you always dreamed of. A small wedding will help you place your attention to where it should be, loving and committing to each other and you might even get the time to say more than a simple “hello” after the ceremony.

Here are some beautiful and stunning ideas to make your wedding meaningful, intimate, and everything you have ever dreamed of.

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Flower Arrangement Ideas for a Bridal Shower

When we are surrounded by happiness we like to celebrate it on a grand level. Talking about celebrations there is no bigger celebration in a person’s life than the day he or she gets married. And, this is where flowers come into the picture.

Wedding flowers are an integral part of the celebration. We humans have created different rituals that have become an inseparable part of such special occasion. One such ritual that all brides love to be a part of is the bridal shower.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss the best ways to celebrate the bridal shower with your best mates. So without wasting any time let’s straight away take a look at everything you can do to make the event a larger than life affair.

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‘A wedding is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity.’ – Anonymous

Getting married is a wonderful feeling. It is the beginning of a new journey where two people hold their hand together and take the vow to spend their good and bad times together. This is the reason that we humans like to celebrate this occasion on a grand level.

If you are getting married, then certainly you must be worried about the decoration and floral arrangements. In today’s post we will be talking about one such element of the wedding décor that is going to be the center of attraction.

We will be talking about decorating the head table with beautiful flowers. As we all know that this is going to be one of the most important elements of the wedding décor, so we are going to show you some simple ideas on how you can use flowers to create an awe inspiring wedding flower decoration.

And, the decoration we are talking about here is – head table for your wedding event!

So, without wasting any time let us take a look at how to go about it –

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