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How to Plan a Small Wedding?

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How to Plan a Small Wedding

Weddings are one of the most special days of our lives and it deserves to be romantic, intimate, and meaningful. Planning a large and grand wedding, with a wide and extensive guest list loses the intimacy and meaningfulness somewhere along the line. Not only will you face daunting decisions and exorbitant expenses, but also the stress can take away all your happiness and joy of the celebratory occasion. You do not need a massive venue, a wedding decorated, and 200 guests to plan the wedding of your dreams. The best way to enjoy your wedding in an intimate and meaningful way is to plan a small wedding with just your close friends and family.

A small and close-knit crowd, some stunning wedding flower centerpieces, a decadent and beautiful wedding cake, and some delicious food is all you need to get the romantic, intimate, and meaningful wedding that you always dreamed of. A small wedding will help you place your attention to where it should be, loving and committing to each other and you might even get the time to say more than a simple “hello” after the ceremony.

Here are some beautiful and stunning ideas to make your wedding meaningful, intimate, and everything you have ever dreamed of.

Be creative while choosing the venue

Be creative while choosing the venue– The best part about small weddings are that you can be as creative and unique as you want to be. You can say goodbye to large and expensive hotel ballrooms and hard to get tented patios and try someplace that is stunning, romantic, and eccentric. You can go for cute a bed and breakfast, your favorite museum, an art gallery, a beach, or even your own yard to get a magical wedding. With the right ideas and the right motivation, even the simplest of places can be transformed into a magical wonderland for your wedding ceremony.

You can even go for a destination wedding. Destination weddings are the epitome of a small and intimate ceremony and will ensure that you get a beautiful trip with your close ones. Save the money from spending it on arranging a grand and massive event and go to your favorite destination and make some priceless memories. Just imagine the possibilities, you can get married on a beach, or a snow-capped mountain peak, or in a beautiful valley filled with flowers.

Choosing the right wedding flowers and using them generously is the ultimate way to make your wedding venue stunningly gorgeous and romantic. After all, what can be more romantic than a bunch of bright, fresh, and vibrant flowers! If you have chosen your garden or any outdoor location as your wedding venue, just DIY some beautiful pomander balls from fresh and bright flowers and hang them all around the trees. You can even decorate the trees with Christmas lights to save some extra money. Create some beautiful flower centerpieces for the tables with wild and seasonal flowers. And you have got yourself a magical and enchanting ceremony with your close friends and family.

Get a delicious and mesmerizing wedding cake

Get a delicious and mesmerizing wedding cake– You do not need a large and heavily tiered cake for your intimate wedding. This gives you the perfect opportunity to bring out your imaginative wings and get the most unique and creative cake you can possibly get. Give attention to detail and ensure that your cake is flawlessly decorated and is as decadent as it looks.

You can try out a tower of cupcakes with a small cake on the top-most level. Decorate it with some fresh and vibrant flowers to make the arrangement more enticing and eye-catching. You can go just as heavy or as light as you want with the flowers when decorating your cake. If you want to keep things simple and subtle, add a couple blooms of dahlia or rose on your cake and decorate your wedding cake table with some gorgeous flower bouquet.

 Offer a crowd-pleasing menu

Offer a crowd-pleasing menu– We all know big weddings are all about fashion, class, and essentially showing off. A large and extensive menu filled with complex food and small portions might look good but is definitely not fulfilling. A small and intimate wedding is the perfect opportunity to make sure that your wedding guests do not leave hungry and unsatisfied.

Moreover, since it will be just you and your closest friends and family, you can let go of the fluff and get some rich and delicious food that everyone loves. Do you want to serve pizza at your wedding? Why not! Small weddings are all about a casual environment and unconventional festivities. You can get some delicious food delivered from your favorite restaurant. Do you have a friend or family member who cooks delicious and scrumptious dishes? Ask her or him to contribute and plan an intimate and small lunch or dinner.

If you do not want to spend too much money on getting your food catered or even spend time on arranging it on your own, you can always hire a food truck. You can hire your favorite food truck to feed all your close ones and ensure that they are happy and satisfied. A food truck will not only fill you and your guests with delicious food but will also be the perfect way to enhance the casual environment of your small wedding.

Whatever you choose, do not forget to decorate your tables with some stunning wedding flower centerpieces to keep the festive and celebratory feel.

Get rare and eccentric wedding flowers

Get rare and eccentric wedding flowers – Wedding flowers are the soul of any ceremony. Without some fresh and vibrant flowers, no wedding can truly be the celebratory and festive occasion that it is. But we all know just how expensive wedding flowers can be. Moreover, the bigger your venue, the more flowers you will need, therefore increasing your wedding expense in its entirety.

A small and intimate wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to stay within your budget while getting all the fresh and beautiful flower you want for your ceremony. As the venue will be small and the number of flowers needed, less, you can get rare and eccentric flowers in bulks to make your wedding decor more magical and elegant.

You can choose from an exclusive and stunning collection of garden roses, bells of Ireland, ranunculus, delphiniums, freesia, dahlia, hydrangeas, tulips, calla lilies, and so much more. You will need fresh flowers for your flower centerpieces, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, aisle décor, table décor, cake décor, and much more.

You can keep your wedding flowers as simple or as grand as you want. If you are looking for a subtle and elegant décor, go for white roses, lavender hydrangeas, pink calla lilies, peach carnations, red dahlias, bells of Ireland, seeded eucalyptus, or stock flowers. If you want your décor to be more striking and dramatic, go for burgundy dahlias, sunflowers, fuchsia peonies, blue hyacinth, and other such colorful blooms. You can also go for wildflowers or flowers from your garden if you have a bountiful garden full of fresh blooms.

Remember your wedding is all about celebrating your love and commitment, it is your special day so do not hesitate to get everything that you always dreamed of in your wedding ceremony.

Attention to detail– Small and intimate weddings are all about attention to detail and small intricacies. While big weddings can disguise errors and shortcuts, your small wedding won’t. As you are saved from the stress and time-consuming process of planning a big wedding, you will have the necessary time and energy to make every detail as perfect as possible.

You can add small boards with cute and romantic messages scattered around your wedding venue. If you are getting married in a garden and have a fountain, decorate it with some beautiful flowers, candles, and more. You can gift your guests a flower bouquet or even a small plant. Make sure that the table with the name cards are arranged properly and is decorated with some wedding flowers.

This kind of attention to detail is what will get you a flawless and stunning wedding. Most of these things can easily be DIYed. You can arrange all the members of your wedding party, mainly the groomsmen and the bridesmaids to participate and DIY such decoration pieces. Not only will it be super intimate and romantic but also a fun way to spend some more time together before the ceremony.

Make some Polaroid memories

Make some Polaroid memories– Hiring a wedding photographer is a huge expense that can be a bit problematic if you are having a budget wedding. Moreover, your wedding photographer does not know your guests intimately; he or she will not understand the significance of certain memories or certain people that are important to you.

One of the best things you can do is pass around a couple Polaroid cameras to your guests so that they all can capture some candid moments of your wedding. We all absolutely love and adore our Polaroid cameras. Why not use it in your wedding to make the entire process more meaningful and familial!

Using Polaroid camera for your wedding photographs will not only be unique, different, and something that will be remembered years later, but will also be the perfect way to make all your guests an important part of the wedding.

Small weddings are all about intimate moments, romantic memories, and celebrating them with your closest friends and family. Yes, it is important to decorate and celebrate the occasion. But what is more important is to live the moment to the fullest. Your wedding is your once in a lifetime opportunity and you need to extract as much happiness, joy, and love from it as you can.

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