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13 Things You Can Do With Wholesale Fresh Flowers for Wedding Decorations

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“If you don’t step forward you are always in the same spot. If you don’t go after what you want you will never have it. If you don’t ask for it the answer is always no.”

So you have finally popped the big question in front of your girlfriend and she has said yes! Sounds great! And, now it’s time to start preparing for wedding decorations. If you are looking for ideas regarding the same, we might have more than what you can ever expect to get.

Without wasting any time further let us have a look some unique, crazy and simple ideas on how you can use wholesale fresh flowers for the wedding event to make it larger than life –

Ceilings, flowers, and drapes

  1. Ceilings, flowers, and drapes

Want to get that majestic feeling? Want to create a heavenly affair for the wedding event? All you need is a few drapes, some beautiful blossoms and a ceiling (which I’m sure you are going to have for the event). A little fabric can do what no other piece of decoration can. Just amalgamate the three together, match the colors of flowers and drapes, and get to work. With a little effort, you can eventually create the most mesmerizing and beautiful looking wedding decorations using these three simple elements. And, all the guests coming to the event are going to be left in awe!

Sweet seating escort cards

  1. Sweet seating escort cards

Escorts are an inseparable part of the wedding decorations. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions these words – escort cards? Obviously, a table with a list of cards placed on it mentioning the seating arrangement. Well, no doubt an escort is supposed to solve this purpose. But, why not make it a little out of the ordinary with the help of wholesale fresh flowers? Add that element of excitement to the wedding decorations right from the entrance. Place fresh flowers along with the escort cards and let everyone know that they are in for a flowery feast!

Hang them upside down

  1. Hang them upside down

If you have seen any historical movies, you would have certainly noticed those floral decorations used during all kinds of festivities. It has been a preferred trend since ages to use floral hangings to decorate the moments of happiness. So, why not take a leaf from historical books and add a touch of traditional decoration to your wedding event.Grab some blooms from wedding flower packages that you have bought for the event and hang them upside down, creating decorative elements that no one would have ever imagined. Just in case, you run short of ideas on what kind of arrangement you can simply search for them online!

and Signage – the perfect combination

  1. Flower and Signage – the perfect combination

There won’t be any better opportunity to showcase how much you two love each other. And, there is no better way to express the feelings you have than mixing your words with the right expressive flower. You can pick from a wide range of wedding flower packages available out there and choose the blooms to create beautiful signage that says it all. Ask any wedding decoration expert, and they will let you know that this is one of the most popular, and the finest way to express how the couple feels for each other on their special day. So, go for it!

  1. A sprig of herbs can do the magic

Another out of the box idea to decorate your marriage celebration is to drape the tables with beautiful centerpieces. Talking about beauty and centerpieces, the one thing that automatically comes into the picture is an assortment of herbs to create a sprig which is going to be placed on the table. These tiny little herb sprigs can do what even the most beautiful and costly decorative elements cannot. So, check out for some ideas on how to create magical sprigs and let everyone see your creative side for the wedding event.

  1. Flowers to match glassware on dinner table

Once the festivities are on its way, the most important thing is the dinner which everyone is going to have with the bride and groom. Now apart from the mouthwatering cuisines that you have arranged for the event, another thing that can be done is to match flowers with the glassware of steel ware you are going to use for the occasion. Considering the fact that you can eventually choose from a never ending range of colors in various varieties of flowers, finding the one that can go with your wedding theme won’t be a big problem.

  1. Floral photo wall

Taking the creativity and fun element to an altogether higher level what you can do is to create a floral wall. But wait; don’t let it be just any floral wall. Add an element of surprise by incorporating your special moments in the form of photographs on this wall. The moments that you have captured during your early times can be easily used to fill the wall, which has been already created using awe inspiring flowers. And, the overall impact of this beautiful arrangement is going to make everyone fall in love with the event!

  1. An element of green everywhere

When you talk about floral arrangements, how can you leave greenery left behind? So, don’t forget to throw an element of green in the entire decoration. Choose greenery to go with your flower decorations. As a matter of fact, you can find amazing places online where you can grab wholesale fresh flowers, greenery and all the other natural decorative elements which you are going to need for creating an out of the ordinary event, which will be etched the memories forever.

  1. Wedding dress elements

Now that you have managed to spread the beauty in the ambiance, it is time to move towards creating small elements that will add to the overall panache of the event. You need to create beautiful looking boutonnieres to match the groom’s wedding dress. Then there is going to be a crown for the bride, and how can we forget about the bridal bouquet? You cannot complete all these elements unless you have access to wholesale fresh flowers. Can you? So, do consider your clothing choices and then order flowers to go with the garb the bride and the groom are going to wear for the event.

  1. Bouquets, and other elements

The list of accessories for the event does not end here. You need to create not just a single bridal bouquet, but also bouquets for the bridesmaids as well. You need to figure out the right wedding flower packages in which you can get not only flowers for the above mentioned decorative elements but also for like this. After all, wedding decoration does not simply mean decorating the venue. It also means taking care of these small elements, which are going to create a big impact on the overall event.

  1. Balloons and flowers to add a fun element

Another creative way to make a lasting impression on everyone coming to the wedding celebration is to give them something fun and cheerful. In order to achieve this, using colorful balloons blended with colorful flowers can work perfectly. Just imagine, how cool and creative it would look when the guests are welcome through an arch surrounded by the right color and volume of flowers and balloons, making it appear straight of a fairytale book. A thought of it gives goosebumps; just imagine how beautiful it would look in reality?

Cake and flowers for that perfect ending

  1. Cake and flowers for that perfect ending

The wedding is never going to be complete without a cake. Now the best surprise you can have for the guests coming to the event is to incorporate wholesale fresh flowers in the wedding cake. Ask the baker about the same, and they can come up with amazing ideas to supplement flowers not just as part of the cake décor, but also add blossoms to other elements as well. In a way they can create the most colorful, or should we say flowerful wedding event that even you would have never expected to achieve!

  1. Parting gifts for everyone

And, there is nothing more special than a beautiful parting gift which you can offer the guests at the end of the event. What you can do create the parting gift as an unforgettable one to use flowers in it. There are countless options on creating floral parting gifts, which you can pair up with chocolates, greeting cards and what not. Based upon your theme for the event, and the budget you have spared for the decoration you can eventually pick all these elements to add icing on the cake for a lavish, and grand wedding celebration.

So, you can see there is literally no limit to what you can do using wholesale fresh flowers when it comes to wedding décor. All this being said the most important thing to remember here is to find the right supplier for these flowers.

You might see quite a number of online florists offering wedding flower packages, and claiming to be the best in the business. However, it is advisable to never go after fake pomp and show. You must do your search, and also perform a little background check as to which florist is really the best and which florist is nothing but false claims. Make the final choice only after considering all these factors.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and begin the search, as well get your creative hat on to decide how to decorate your wedding event using wholesale fresh flowers!

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