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You may have seen lots of photos looking for the flowers you want for your wedding. However, there are some criteria that you should keep in mind to decide. And apart from what you may like, factors such as the budget and the places where you will perform the ceremony and reception are decisive.

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What are the criteria that should be pending when selecting your wedding flowers? we wanted to know.

“The place, the time and the weather. The bride and groom can choose the combination of flowers that they want but take into account that they are available for the date of the wedding, “answered most of the wedding planners at the time of choosing the wedding flowers.

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May your taste prevail whether spring, summer or any time of year, your taste should prevail, obviously guided by the recommendations of the floral designer. “Remember that your event is unique. If they like bright colors in any month of the year, they can use them. If they are of those who prefer the more subtle tones, too. Do not feel shy about impacting your event, be bold, talk to your decorator. He can guide you as to the flowers that are in season. Do not pigeonhole in something because it is fashionable. Dare to impact! “Said the expert.

Five trends

Given his vast experience in the decoration and setting of weddings, Luis Alberto Nieves has identified five tendencies that are preferred by the bride and groom who are about to marry:

Delicate pinks – The delicate shades of pink are complemented by brighter ones to create subtle combinations.

Always white – White flowers always look elegant and refined, especially if they are met with metallic elements.

Autumnal – The colors are more intense. Wine, terracotta, lavender and bright yellow impart to the summer a little autumn air.

Evening in the garden – Natural-themed weddings, such as those celebrated in the forest, in the garden or on a farm, are gaining popularity.

Green on green – This is the color of the year. Therefore, it will be usual to see their different shades combined with each other.

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Remember that the most important thing, regardless of the wedding flowers you choose for your wedding, is that they should reflect your tastes and personality and to achieve this, it is best to seek the advice of an expert supplier, such as Agatha Garden, a floral boutique born with the objective of offering personalized proposals, through which they seek to stimulate the senses and the emotions, in order to make your event an unforgettable experience.

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