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7 Popular Wedding Trends In 2023 With White Flowers

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White Wedding Flowers

We are almost ready for Spring and Weddings will beginning to start up. Right after St Patrick’s Day, couples will start having their weddings. One advantage of the spring vs summer is that the weather is cooler and people are not planning their vacations yet, which means many people will be able to attend. At Whole Blossoms, we have noticed a trend in orders for White Flowers for their weddings and even special events.

Why are White Wedding Flowers so popular? For one, they are versatile as the monochromatic look with many different varieties will look spectacular. Working with White Tulips, White Poppies, White Anemones, White Roses, White Hydrangea, makes Floral Arrangements appear with such a pristine appearance that brides everywhere can proudly display.

There are several trends in 2023 that can work well with any type and color of Flowers, but in this article we are going to primarily focus on the trends using White Flowers. Every year, trends come, and every year, trends go. When you are planning your big day, it’s a good idea to know all the possibilities so you can make the best decision possible.

Trend 1 – Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns are back this year and sure to make a dramatic appearance as you walk down the aisle. Interestingly enough, Flower Crowns are even becoming a thing for the grooms. I suppose this all goes back to the traditions of the ancient Greeks, with their laurel crowns. Trends like this makes it exciting for floral designers and wedding planners, as they can really make their creative imaginations come to life. Baby’s Breath is an excellent choice, however, there is no limit to where your creativity can go.

Trend 2 – Adding Fruit or Vegetables To Your Arrangements

Certain fruits and vegetables are abundantly used in symbols and can allow for some diversity in your Wedding Centerpiece Ideas and other Floral Arrangements. Adding some produce to your Florals can add some inspiration to destination weddings and can really bring the brightness of white with some contrast, such as oranges and lemons, even apples or grapes. This is also a wonderful trend for those who are eco-friendly and make your wedding become even more personable.

Trend 3 – Natural Backdrops

Floral Arches are becoming less popular in recent years and the reason being is that couples are engaging more in the natural world. Trees and shrubs, with a blending of White Florals in the mix can give your natural backdrop a more customized look with your own personal touch.

Trend 4 – Grounded Arrangements

There for a while, hanging arrangements were really becoming a thing. However, many began to complain about their overuse, so the traditional seated arrangements started coming back in style. They are easier to space, depending on the couples’ taste or style.

Trend 5 – Winding Aisles

Traditional straight aisles may become a thing of the past. Winding aisles may not be for everyone but could be an excellent option for the modern couple. When done properly, Flower Arrangements can be spaced out to truly represent the couples’ beliefs and personalities as you can create a path that seems to represent your journey to your marriage. When done outside, you can create a rustic feel that connects with nature.

Trend 6 – Countryside Charm

For some time, the urban look was becoming popular, but it seems lately that people want the feeling of being able to breathe the fresh air and take in the beauty of the charm of your favorite countryside spot. This is excellent to the classic wedding theme and brilliant with White Flowers.

Trend 7 – Unique Vases

This year its time to ditch the generic vases. Couples many times overlook the use of vases, thus missing the opportunity for a classic mosaic or Japanese Ikebana. This year we are seeing couples use all sorts of demonstrative displays to create the most personal experience.

At Whole Blossoms, we recommend over 14,000 varieties of Flowers we have readily available. Some over our favorite white varieties include

  • Gardenia Flower
  • Avalanche White Rose
  • White Lotus Flower
  • Stephanotis Flower
  • White Lily Asiatic Lily
  • White Statice Filler Flower
  • Akito White Rose
  • White Cymbidium Orchid Clear Lip
  • White Lisianthus Flower
  • White Mini Calla Lily
  • White Larkspur
  • Limonium White Flower
  • Star Of Bethlehem Flower
  • White Sweetheart Rose
  • White Phalaenopsis Orchid
  • Cream White Stock Flower
  • White Anemone
  • Festiva Maxima Peony
  • White Peonies
  • Sweet Pea – White Flowers
  • White Tuberose Flower
  • Phlox White Flower
  • White Rice Flower
  • Mondial White Rose
  • Lilac White Flowers
  • Alstroemeria White
  • White Carnations
  • White Blush Garden Roses

Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call at 1-877-259-2566.

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