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Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Flowers | What To Expect From Wedding Florist

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I know that planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when getting the most from your Wedding Flowers and all your ideas. Preparation and organization are everything when it comes to getting it all right.

We can get you the best Flowers and even impossible to get Blooms from all around the world.

However, your local floral designer, wedding planner, wedding florist, or even yourself, must know what to expect to avoid all those unwanted surprises that may come up.

It can be frustrating at best and devastating at worst if you don’t know the right questions.

But don’t worry, we are here to help, and hopefully offer a few suggestions that will make it just a bit easier for you.

You have probably scoured the internet and have pored through endless wedding manuals, and still feel overwhelmed, don’t worry, we got you. Just keep these questions in mind, and you will do fine.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

We hear you, and this is probably the first question you are going to ask, what the heck is this going to cost me? Everything is getting crazy expensive these days as prices are going through the roof.

The biggest factors are fuel prices that are increasingly going up. However, we still offer Flowers With Free Shipping, so this will certainly help whoever is going to help you with your floral preparations.

What Is The Average Cost Of Flowers For A Wedding? Generally, the Cost Of Wedding Flowers is between $700 to $2,500. The Knot has a great article on this topic they recently put out on The Average Cost Of Flowers In The U.S. and said, When it comes to the average cost of wedding flowers, factors like your venue and the time of year will affect the price.”

Why is this important to remember? Because many varieties are seasonal Flowers and will be expensive during certain times of the years, like Peonies.

Generally, the varieties that are available year around will be:

How To Choose Your Wedding Florist

Many couples are doing it themselves, and that’s great and can be the topic for a future article, but understanding What You Should Look For In A Wedding Florist can really help you achieve the dreamy wedding you have in your mind, bringing it to reality.

Brides Magazine has an excellent article on this and their Meet The Expert, Shean Strong says, “investment you put towards your flowers will dictate how your guests experience the day.” So you want to make sure you find the right person who can fulfill your vision.

You need know there are differences between Floral Designers and Florists.

A Floral Designer is a team player and knows how to work with a wedding team, whereas as Florist mainly works out of their shops and can usually fulfill smaller elements of your wedding needs, if you ask them early enough.

What Is The Wedding Bouquet Rule?

Usually, this is the most important part of your Wedding Flowers, so it might be helpful to understand why you need a Bridal Bouquet in the first place?

In ancient times, the Middle Ages, all the way to the present, they have been used to symbolize the new hope they have in their union, celebrating their fidelity and loyalty.

There is another good reason to have a Bouquet, it’s because they are the perfect complement to your Wedding Dress. There are many factors to keep in mind, like size and color for balance and harmony.

What Are The Different Styles Of Bouquets?

This is a very good question and will be one of the topics in my next blog, but to quickly answer this, There are 7 main styles to consider, such as:

1. Cascade Bouquet – This Bouquet This one creates a waterfall look and is generally made with Orchids, Delphinium, and Mini Callas, although there are many other Blooms you can use.

2. Posy Bouquet – This bouquet is a small handheld one that show cases one variety of Flowers instead of mixing with greens and other varieties.

3. Hand Tied Bouquet – This bouquet has a wide variety of flowers that is wrapped with ribbon or twine.

4. Round Bouquet – This bouquet is all about the shape and can be formed in a cool beehive dome shape that looks great in front of your bosom. This is made many times, with Hydrangea or Peonies.

5. Nosegay Bouquet – This one is kind of like the Posy Bouquet but places more emphasis on the Greenery, instead of the Flowers, although they are often times added.

6. Pomander Bouquet – This one is a perfectly round sphere of flowers that incudes a ribbon at the top for carrying.

7. Composite Bouquet – This is a really cool type that is actually composed of individual Flower Petals arranged in such a way that resembles one large bloom.


This is a summary, but three important things to consider is, your budget, who will make the arrangements, and what kind of bouquet are you going to make?

At Whole Blossoms, we would love to be part of your planning. Even if you have a florist or floral designer making your arrangements, we can provide you with the quality of blooms all our floral designers from around the US and Canada have come to love and trust.

Not only can we get you prices that are lower than most anywhere you can find today, but we can also get almost every variety you can imagine. If you can’t find it in our catalog, call us, we can get it.

Until next time, keep smiling and good luck with your wedding preparations.

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