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Winter Wedding Flowers

Even though we are almost towards the end of the holiday season, now is a very good time to start planning a winter wedding. At Whole Blossoms, we have our top 5 Wedding Flowers that we highly recommend.  The fascinating thing about flowers is the way brides have been able to incorporate them into their weddings through: Bridal Bouquets, Wedding Centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, and so much more.

We have been working with brides for many years now and have listened to them as they gave us all their feedback and learned from experience what seems to work best and make everyone happy. Here are our top five and although there really no bad varieties, depending on your personality, these are by far the most popular.

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DIY Weddings Bouquet

Planning a wedding can be a lot of pressure. A wedding involves happiness, joy, blessings, flowers, and a lot of expenses. Flowers are used in huge bulks to decorate the entire wedding venue. Be it any theme or season; there’s always an extensive usage of flowers. To save you some money, you can use a few DIY wedding ideas to enhance your wedding.

13 DIY wedding ideas you should try at your wedding

Here’s a list of 13 ideas about DIY wedding ideas that you may not have known. You can use these floral hacks and save a lot of money!

#1: Cut the stems at 45˚ angle

To elongate the life, retain the freshness and color of the flowers, you can turn them into DIY wedding flowers. The moment the flowers arrive, cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees. After this is done, put them in a bowl of water. More surface area absorbs more water from the stem. This DIY wedding idea will help in retaining the freshness of the flower.

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diy wedding bouquet on table

You can save a lot of money on a wedding by getting creative with the products at ExpoCart. For some inspiration, let’s take a look at 13 of the very best DIY wedding ideas to make that special day sparkle.

Buy Wholesale Flowers for Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers add a natural feel to a wedding, whether they’re hanging over the tables or lining the aisle, leading beautifully to the altar. All you need are fresh cut wholesale flowers, wire wreaths and some sparkling embellishments to complete the look.

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Wedding Floral Trend

If 2019 is your year that’s going to incorporate the most important day of your life, you are going to pay very close attention to all the trends and details. This is going to help you plan every intricate detail of what is meant to be one of the most memorable days for the rest of your life. The one exceptionally cardinal component is your wedding flowers. Your wedding flowers are going to be visible in abundance and be a part of every little wedding arrangement or wedding décor there is. Hence you as a bride are going to be paying extra attention to the wedding floral trends for the year 2019.

Wedding flower trends are constantly evolving, and what was a trend last year isn’t necessarily going to carry on this year. This why doing your research extensively can always be fruitful. We are here to talk about the floral trends of this year that are taking brides and weddings to a whole another level. These trends are some old, and some new and some trends have a little bit of both.

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DIY Boho Weddings Ideas

Bohemian weddings are back in season! They have a distinct soft and romantic feel which is inspired by nature and beautiful surroundings. The blend of beautiful ideas, including elements of natures, and romanticism and individuality is why the Boho style is famous. Even in the fashion world, this style is quite famous and has spread its wings far wide. It usually portrays free-spirited souls and draws influences from hippie culture. The authenticity of this wedding style is the prime reason why bohemian weddings will never fade out of style.

If you’re looking for a Bohemian styled wedding for yourself, we have got just the right ideas for you. From bohemian dresses and jewelry to décor, bohemian style can be incorporated anywhere and everywhere. Airy dresses, wedding centerpieces, colorful textiles for the venue, and cascading bouquets, all belong to the Boho culture.

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When purchasing wedding flowers it helps to have some professionals who can make this decision much easier. At Whole Blossoms, we are right here with several benefits that you will be happy to know.

  • You will receive the freshest flowers available worldwide. You will receive them directly from the farms from places like Colombia, Ecuador, Holland, and even Africa.
  • Your flowers will have a much larger vase life.
  • Your flowers will have far lager heads than you could buy at the local market or elsewhere online.
  • We have a professional team ready to answer any of your questions or concerns.
  • You can choose from over 2,000 varieties and we promise to work hard to locate the latest and hard to get varieties.
  • You will receive wholesale prices since we are able to eliminate the middle man, giving you the greatest amount of savings.
  • You will receive our undivided care and assistance from the beginning to the end of your order
  • You will receive the greatest savings and convenience of ordering online 24/7.

Just reach us at info@wholeblossoms.com, or call us at 1-877-259-2566, or visit our website https://www.wholeblossoms.com

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Some Spectacular Ideas to Decorate the Modern Day Wedding Venue

It’s your wedding day – the day you have been waiting for your entire life. Apart from the nervousness and anxiousness that you have to face on the D-Day, you need to go through quite a lot before that as well.

What are we talking about here? Well, we are talking about decorating the wedding venue using bulk flowers.

But wait – you have been waiting for this day all your life so you cannot just pick any idea to decorate your wedding. Won’t you want to go with ideas that make the event spectacular?

This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this post. Here is a look at some of those ideas –

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Creating a sweetheart rose hair comb for your wedding

If you talk about the list of wedding accessories, the count is never ending. There is so much stuff that you need to gather in order to create the most beautiful event that it could be virtually impossible to manage by a single person. Whether you talk about stuff like wholesale wedding flowers for bouquets and centerpieces or small items like boutonnieres, crowns or hair combs, there is so much that needs to be done.

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Bulk Flowers

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring out our inner child and drench the venue with loads of flowers. Brides love to decorate their venue with humongous table centerpieces, the bigger the better. While it may look absolutely stunning, it does take a lot of space.

Haven’t you ever been to a wedding where the table centerpiece is so big that the bride and groom cannot even see or talk to the people across their table! You do not want that for your wedding, do you? Fresh flower chandelier is something that can solve all your problems while letting you have your massive floral arrangement. Being one of the most popular trends right now, fresh flower chandeliers are sweeping the wedding industry, mainly because they look absolutely enchanting but also because they take so much lesser space comparatively.

If you want to do something eccentric and noteworthy for your wedding, there is nothing better than a fresh flower chandelier that is bright, vibrant, and simply gorgeous. While making this stunning arrangement might feel intimidating and daunting, it really is not so. All you need to do is bring out your inner DIY queen and follow our easy instructions to get the most royal, elegant, and colorful chandelier for your wedding.

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Choosing to DIY your wedding flowers decor is a really smart choice, considering how much money you can save with it. But the one thing that could be of concern here is the fact that how you are going to do the entire stuff on your own. You are certainly going to need some ideas and tips regarding the same. This is exactly what you are going to get here.

In this post you are going to get some amazing tips on how to save money on your wedding by DIY wedding flowers. So, without wasting any time here is a look at those tips one by one and see how you can use these tips to create the most beautiful wedding event ever