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Why Are Garden Roses So Expensive?

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Garden Rose

Why Are Garden Roses So Popular For Wedding Season?

My Personal Experience With Garden Roses

In this article, I would love to discuss one of my favorite blooms, and that is, Garden Roses. Before I answer These two questions, I feel its important to understand a bit more about them.

I have some good memories with this lovely flower and perhaps you do to. When I was young, I used to visit my grandparents during the summer. I would often go outside to play and take a stroll in the backyard. Now their house was a modest and well taken care of and my grandfather worked outside and loved to plant flowers around the edge of the garden.

His Favorite variety was Red Garden Roses because it was one that my grandmother always enjoyed. He would let them grow in the spring and when they began to bloom, he would cut them, use the proper Flower Care by taking off the Guard Petals and placing them in a glass vase with fresh water. He would bring them in, giving her, a kiss and she would place them next to her on the coffee table. It was a fond memory of seeing their affection towards each other.

Another great experience was when we went to Vancouver, Canada and visited Queen Elizabeth Park, which is a “Horticultural jewel.” Walking among the Garden Of Roses was such a breathtaking experience, combined with a mountain view from the higher elevation, it is a spectacular place to take your family.

In case you are in the mood, and live near or will be traveling closely by, I would suggest visiting the following parks and enjoy the scenic Roses:

  • Municipal Rose Garden – San Jose, California
  • Portland Rose Garden – Portland, Oregon
  • Berkely Rose Garden – Berkeley, California
  • Elizabeth Park Rose Garden – Hartford, Connecticut
  • Exposition Rose Garden – Los Angeles, California

Of course, there are many other great places to visit and memories to be treasured.

Why Are Garden Roses So Popular For Wedding Season?

Hopefully I can answer this question and it shouldn’t be a surprise that Garden Roses are so popular for weddings. As previously stated, they are romantic and seem to have an everlasting sentiment that you want to continue throughout the life of your relationship.

They are also popular, because many parks of rose gardens can be found everywhere, so it would seem a natural selection for Wedding Flowers.

There are many different varieties, and the fragrant ones are well sought for in the wedding ceremony from the Wedding Bouquet, Floral Crown, Flower Wall, and more.

Not only do they smell refreshing, but they also have a very nice Vase Life of about 10 days, although some varieties can last up to 21 days when properly cared for.

Not only are there several different varieties such as David Austin Roses, but a broad color palette, lending to the inspiration of many different wedding themes and wedding colors.

Garden Roses VS Roses

Now you might be thinking, what is the difference between regular roses and garden roses? because sometimes they get misidentified.

According to Botany Studio, “Standard roses have pointed shape petals rotated around one center while Garden roses have ruffled petals swirling around different centers to form a rounded bloom.”

Better Homes & Gardens has some helpful information you may also want to consider, for further research on this topic of differences in Roses.

In short, Garden Roses are often selected for their magnificent appearance in vases due to their larger size and fuller look.

Garden Roses Vs Peonies

When it comes to cost, many will prefer Garden Roses over Peonies because they are more affordable.

They are very similar in size, shape, and color, however, it might be important to note some of the differences when making your considerations, such as:

  • Garden Roses have fewer petals (20-25) per stem, while Peonies have 40-50 per stem.
  • Garden Roses typically open their petals sooner than Peonies, so this is something to consider when ordering for the way you want your heads to appear in your Floral Arrangements.
  • Since Peonies are seasonal, and not as common as roses, they are far more expensive.
  • Garden Roses have a stronger, sweeter scent, while a peony is a bit more subtle and lighter in fragrance.
  • Garden Roses tend to be a bit smaller than peonies, but both have a very long vase life.

If you want to make the ultimate arrangement, you may even consider a Peonies And Roses Bouquet. They really look spectacular together, especially peonies paired with Garden Roses White and Garden Roses Pink.

Why Are Garden Roses So Expensive?

This leads us to the last question, and of course, they are considered a luxury flower and in very high demand during the wedding season. They have a lengthier production process, and so, having them in larger supply makes it a bit more challenging.


Before you leave discouraged and hoping to consider garden roses as your choice of Wedding Flower, I have some very good news! At Whole Blossoms, we have a very big selection with very low, wholesale prices. Please check us out!

I work with flowers a lot, and like my grandfather, especially love garden roses. When I work with our Blooms and place them in arrangements around the home, my wife really loves white and pink. This combination seems to click with us and really heightens our lives.

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