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What White Flowers Are Used At Weddings?

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White Flowers

When it comes to Wedding Flowers, it seems that white is the most popular color choice for brides and wedding colors. At Whole Blossoms, we have noticed a trend in certain varieties of White Flowers that seem to be what everyone is looking for in 2023 and wanted to make a blog post on this in hopes of inspiring engaged couples who are soon to be married.

As we go through our list, keep in mind, What Is The Significance Of White Flowers? Traditionally, they have been associated with purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They seem to convey a message that is deep in the heart of every one of us.

Let’s look at some considerations for White Wedding Flowers.

Are White Flowers OK For A Wedding?

Believe it or not, just about any color style may work. With the right preparations, you can do pretty much any kind of wedding theme you can imagine. What we have noticed is that couples are getting white blooms more than any other color this summer.

We will get into the specific blooms that most are getting for their summer weddings, but just know that whatever your vision is, white can be arranged with any other color.

What Is The Flowers Most Used At Weddings?

When it comes to traditional White Flowers For Wedding, we are noticing the following varieties are more popular than others, such as:

These blooms are versatile and are great for the monochrome appearance you may be looking for to create a modern bouquet, cascading wedding bouquets, as well as many other floral ideas.

What Flowers Are In A White Bouquet?

Are you dreaming about your Wedding Bouquet? Are you still considering what flowers to add to it? Martha Stewart gives all kinds of great examples and recommends that you use Peonies, Roses, and Lilies. She even goes further to say that there are other nice blooms to consider such as White Orchids, Anemones, and Protea. If you want to see some good examples, click here to see Martha’s recommendations.

White Flower Arrangements

White isn’t just about the Bouquet, it’s also about many other Flower Arrangements for your wedding. Cascading planters look classy, as well as sturdy stems in taller vases. Flower Crowns are a great idea, as well as flower walls full of affordable White Carnations.

White Wedding Flowers With Greenery

When it comes to a contrast of colors that can make white really pop, there is some excellent Greenery options that are always the most popular, such as Italian Ruscus and Israeli Ruscus.

Just about any variety of white will look classy with these to green filler types.

Are White Roses Good For Weddings?

Roses can be seen as artistry in nature. They have been treasured by centuries as they have a romantic beauty and lovely fragrance that have a rich symbolic power and incredible versatility. When designing for your wedding, there are many different trends, however, the basic designs have never changed and white is the perfect color that can blend with little to no effort.

You can’t go wrong with using this color of rose for your wedding, in fact, we highly recommend using them over any other wedding flower.

What Does A White Wedding Bouquet Mean?

It’s certainly the symbol of virginity and modesty, also symbolizing passion for the love that you intend to share the rest of your life with. Lily Of The Valley makes perfect sense to use in as a bouquet and can give you much happiness and joy as you are walking down the aisle.


These are some great questions and answers if you are considering white as your main color. There are other colors couples are also looking for, such as blue, orange, red, and peach. At Whole Blossoms, we are here to help bring you the most premium flowers worldwide for the lowest prices on the market.

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