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Top Reasons To Buy Valentine’s Day Flowers

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valentines day flowers

February 14 is approaching quickly and you still have time to get your Valentine’s Day Flowers. At Whole Blossoms, we are ready for you and have got you covered. If you really don’t know what kind of Flowers to get for your loved one, we do have Gift Cards available, which might be a good idea, and very impressive.

As a person who knows firsthand the effect of Fresh Flowers for your significant other, let me tell you, they really appreciated more than you will ever know and can be the one thing that holds your love life together. If you still aren’t convinced, let me give you several reasons why buying Flowers such as Roses, Carnations, Dahlias, and many others, are the one thing you can do right for your relationship this year.

Reason 1 – They Are A Visual Reminder Of Your Love

Imagine giving a card, but then what do they do with them afterwards, poems are nice, but there is something tangible about giving and receiving Flowers. First of all, they need nurtured and like your love, once watered can leave a presence that is edifying and uplifting to the observer. When you walk into a room, they stand as a monument of your love and will be a constant reminder that you are thinking of them.

Reason 2 – They Can Make You Sexier

There is something romantic about Flowers that makes love more enticing. You can light some candles with your favorite mood music and place some rose petals on the floor with a path to the bedroom and leave a bouquet of Red Roses for them to cherish. I guarantee, you will not be soon forgotten.

Reason 3 – They Have An Ability To Speak An Unspoken Language

Do you have a difficult time with your words, or have a challenging time expressing yourself? Well think no more, just give Flowers. They will know what to say for you and you will be glad they did.

Reason 4 – They Aromatize The Room

If you get some scented Blooms, like Lilac, Spray Roses, Hyacinth, Gardenia, Lavender, or some of our perfumed Flowers, you can really be remembered, and not just visually. Our olfactory senses can really be lifted and there is something therapeutic about the smell of getting flowers that is truly amazing,.

Reason 5 – Even The Least Expensive Flowers Can Earn You Some Points

You really don’t have to buy the most expensive varieties, but just something that shows you care. Giving Flowers has always been a long standing tradition and for good reason, they still work and always will. They surround us from birth until death, and even beyond. Buy them for him or her and you can never go wrong.

Reason 6 – It Can Really Express How You Feel

Have you been wanting to tell them for a long time, but haven’t got up the nerve? Say no more, just give them Flowers and you will see how favorably they will respond to your message. Flowers can break down barriers unlike anything else, and the everyone will be happier.

Reason 7 – The Can Be A Moral Booster

They don’t necessarily have to be for someone you want to impress romantically, but can also be given to people you work with, which can really boost your moral. They can really make magic. Recently, my wife and I were staying at a really nice hotel and went to go for breakfast. Each table had a simple arrangement of 3 stems that seemed to make our experience even better. They really made us happy about eating there and noticed that everyone else at their tables seemed happier as well.

Reason 8 – They Can Make You Look Good

There is also something about giving flowers that makes you look good. Remember growing up and there was always that someone who gave flowers that gave everyone the strong impression of them being courageous, fun, loving, and acceptable.

Reason 9 – Statistics Are In Your Favor

If you are into statistics and need further convincing, studies have shown that 92% of women remember your name after they received flowers, 88% of women said they enhanced their mood, 83% said they like to receive unexpected flowers, 86% said flowers made them feel special, and get this, 99% thought they were an extremely thoughtful gift.

Reason 10 – Women Love Flowers

Let’s face it, women love them and when you get them for her, you can never go wrong.

So if you are still undecided, please check out our website www.wholeblossoms.com, we have over 14,000 varieties and not only that, we have premium quality, which means, you cannot find them in the local flower shops. You will definitely be a hit! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call 1-877-259-2566

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