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Here Is The List Of Alternative Valentines Flowers

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Have you ever been in that awkward place where you would like to give somebody a Valentines present but you don’t want it to be a cliche? Well, we know that once in a while we’ve all been there because you want the other person to know how important, special and unique they are to you so you couldn’t just give them roses as everybody else probably will.

This is why we have created a list of very beautiful Valentines flowers that you can purchase at this time of the year and gift  to that special person as an alternative to roses.

Alternative Valentines Flowers

1>  It is not that common when a girl gives flowers to a guy so you could say that if this is what you are planning to do you are already off to a good start, however, what type of flowers would a man like, right? Succulent flowers are not very much of anything and they can also say “I love you”, besides, they will not need much care and can last up to 14 days.


Alternative Valentines Flowers 2

2>  Lilies will never be out of style and you can find them in many variations, you have Calla lilies, mini calla lilies, you have regular lilies and the ravishing peruvian lilies that would surprise and make a girl feel unique, just like the amazing color combinations contained in this uncommonly beautiful flowers.




Alternative Valentines Flowers 3

3>  If you are looking for a flower that helps you express your appreciation and admiration towards a dear friend, a fresh bunch of assorted daisies can help you to do just that. If you want them tos ay “I love you” to your beloved couple, grab red ones, this will be a very sweet unexpected choice.

Alternative Valentines Flowers 44>  Have the perfect love? Say it outloud! What could say “perfection” better tan tulips? As they symbolize “fresh beginnings” you could use a beatiful bunch of these beauties to express how happy a recently started relationship makes you.


Alternative Valentines Flowers 55>  Another option if you don’t want common are orchids, they come from far lands like Brazil and the Amazon which adds a bit of fantasy to them and they represent love, luxury and strength; you will find them in several shapes and colors as well so it’s not only one uncommon flower but it exists in a huge amount of variations.

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