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5 Tips to choose your bridal bouquet

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The only time in a girl’s life when she gets to walk around carrying a bunch of beautiful flowers with her is her wedding day and what most of us don’t ever think about is that this bunch of flowers can lead you to the decoration and planning the Whole wedding based on it.

Bridal BouqetFor our gorgeous brides we have summed up the main tips from expert florists on what should be considered when picking out flowers, decoration and the perfect bridal bouquet:

  • Before you choose flowers, make sure you have found the dress of your dreams, this way when you are getting ready to pick the flowers and shape of your bouquet you will have things such as the style of it and the details it is decorated with and make sure they complement each other and even though the flowers will attract attention, they will not drown you.
  • Choose the flowers according to the season that your wedding date will be on, if you are working with a budget this is a great way to not go over it. Always make sure the flowers choices you have made are available at the specific time of the year, some flowers are not available in certain months.
  • Give it a personal meaning, it is true that the simpler the better but you can always give it your own style by adding flowers that actually have a meaning to you or your loved one; another good option to customize your bouquet is adding Antique decorations from your family like a brooch.Bridal Bouqet Flower
  • Take shape and size into account, one of the ways to make yourself look beautiful on this very special day is
    making sure you point out the narrowest part of your body: your waist is likely it so a tip we got fromon of the experts is how the bridal bouquet should be smaller than that and you need to make sure to carry it gracefully, make sure you have someone to remind you to try carrying it only with one hand and keep it below your hips.As you can see, there is so much to think about when picking your once in a lifetime “bunch of flowers” and we just want to make sure you definitely get it right on your especial day.

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