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Scented Gifts Ideas Designed To Spoil Her Senses

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Smell is one of our most dominant and pleasing senses. Scents can bring desires into play. Smell can help evoke feelings of pleasure, tranquility and romance. What better way to please her this Valentines Day than with a scented gift? Perfect for every occasion, a gift designed to fill the room with her favorite scent is sure to be appreciated. The best thing about scented flowers is that they give the impression that there are a lot more flowers because the scent is really strong. At Wholeblossoms we’ll give you the perfect scented gift ideas designed to spoil her senses. Make any occasion extra special with a beautiful bouquet of these scented flowers:

1. David Austin Darcey Red Garden Rose

David Austin Darcey Red Garden Rose








Elegant stems of David Austin Darcey Red Garden Roses make this selection of bouquets irresistible. Drenched in fragrance, they open up to a beautiful and bright bloom. A perfect choice for scented gift ideas, these Garden Roses will fill any home with their lovely scent for days.

2. Antique Caramel Garden Rose

Antique Caramel Garden Rose








Antique Caramel Garden Rose has subtle caramel-vanilla color, darker in the center and lighter towards the edges. Caramel has a heavy petal count with large bulbous shape and the scent is also very pleasing. We highly recommend this flower as a perfect scented gift idea.

  1. Cream Ivory Garden Rose

Cream Ivory Garden Rose

Cream Ivory Cream Garden Rose is an exquisite creamy flower with an aged ivory tinge. This beautiful flower has a magnificent ruffled bud that fully opens. This wonderful scented rose is an ideal thank you or Mother’s Day gift.

4. Baronesse Garden Rose

Baronesse Garden Rose

Baronesse Garden Rose is a beautiful variety and it is extremely fragrant. It is more intense and darker than its sister, Marietheresia rose. The medium-sized blooms are delicate and they form a perfect cup opening. If you are looking for a sweet scented gift for your loved ones then, Baronesse Garden Roses are just the thing for you!

5. Just Peachy Garden Rose Flower

Just Peachy Garden Rose Flower

This is a peach colored variety with a more than pleasing scent. The thin stems have little thorns. When they are placed in fresh water their medium heads slightly droop and open gradually. They are excellent for beautiful floral appearance or a bouquet.

Other scented flower ideas:

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