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How To Show Your Love On Valentine’s Day

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valentine's day roses

Are you still considering what you want to get or give to your significant other? Valentines Décor is extremely popular this year and there are plenty of opportunities at Whole Blossoms to share you love with anyone that is on your heart.

Do a search for Best Valentines Gifts For Her and you will most likely you’ll see stuff like personalized songs, stuffed animals, chocolates, jewelry, cupcakes, poems, portraits, and many other cool things, but the truth is, people really want Flowers. Valentines Day Flowers are timeless and will be appreciated for years to come. Author Marriane Williamson said, “At the highest level of awareness, the greatest gift given and received when you give someone flowers, is the joy of living a life based on love.” There is something about Fresh Flowers that makes others aware that your love is real and passionate. Henry Ward Beecher also said this about blooms, “A very common flower adds generosity to beauty. It gives joy to the poor, to the rude, and to the multitudes who could have no flowers were nature to charge a price for her blossoms.”

We have some great ideas and wonderful packages for any creative Floral Design and you can absolutely be a blessing for someone this day. Martha Stewart Magazine says this, “We send flowers on Valentines Day as a way to show our appreciation for those special people in our lives. While flowers can signify romantic interest, you can certainly give a beautiful bouquet to people that you care about as friends. But the flowers that you give convey different meanings. You may not intend to send romantic flowers to your neighbor, and you’d certainly be remiss to tell your spouse that you only enjoy their company in a platonic way. That’s why it’s important to understand the symbolism of flowers you send on Valentine’s Day, and what they represent before you choose a bouquet.”

Flowers aren’t just for women either, there are also Flowers For Men that are just as popular, such as Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Sunflowers, Orchids, etc. I was actually touched by my wife this Christmas who gave me White Orchids to out in my office. Before I got them, I wouldn’t have really considered it, but after I got them, they suddenly became special and I began to treat It with the same affection I have for my wife. I looked at them every time I sat at my desk and was reminded of how precious love truly is.

There are three top colors of Flowers we highly recommend with some popular varieties that I would like to list for your consideration.

Red Flowers

Red is a passionate color and truly our most popular seller for this time of the year. Here are our top sellers

  • Red Alstroemeria
  • Red Rose Petals
  • Red Anemone
  • Red Ginger Flower
  • Red Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Red Amaryllis
  • Red Baby’s Breath
  • Red Gerbera Daisy
  • Red Dahlia Flower
  • Farm Choice Red Rose Flower
  • Long Stem Red Rose – Super Premium
  • Red Sweetheart Roses
  • Freedom Red Rose Flower
  • Undercover Red Rose Flower
  • Sexy Red Rose Flower
  • Valentines Day Red Dyed Carnations
  • Red Calla Lily
  • Opium Red Rose
  • Red Peony Dark
  • Red Carnation Dyed
  • Red Ranunculus
  • Charlotte Red Rose

Pink Flowers

Pink is a color of true love and adoration and can be the perfect color to share this sentiment. Here are some of our top varieties

  • Pink Alstroemeri
  • Pink Carnation Mini
  • Pink Gerbera Daisy
  • Pink Snapdragon Flower
  • Phlox Pink Flower
  • Pink Lotus Flower
  • Pink Spray Roses
  • Pink Lily Oriental
  • Pink Mini Calla Lilies
  • Pink Lisianthus Flower
  • Pink Garden Roses
  • Wax Flower Pink
  • Pink Peonies Flower
  • Sarah Bernhardt Peony Pink Flowers
  • Pink Dahlia
  • Pink Katharina Rose

White Flowers

White is the perfect color to show the purity of your love. Here are our most popular selections.

  • White Ranunculus
  • White Peony Flowers
  • White Lotus Flower
  • White Lily Asiatic Lily
  • White Statice Filler Flower
  • Akito White Rose
  • White Cymbidium Orchid
  • White Lisianthus Flower
  • Star of Bethlehem Flower
  • White Sweetheart Rose
  • White Rose Petals
  • White Mondial Rose
  • Valentine’s Day White Spray Roses
  • White Sunflower
  • White Carnation Fancy
  • White Anemone Dark Center
  • White Blush Garden Roses

We also have other great colors, such as purple, lavender, burgundy, chocolate, cream, and more. We have over 14,000 varieties to choose from and at the lowest prices available for premium quality only. Please visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com, or give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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