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How to Plan a Small Wedding

Weddings are one of the most special days of our lives and it deserves to be romantic, intimate, and meaningful. Planning a large and grand wedding, with a wide and extensive guest list loses the intimacy and meaningfulness somewhere along the line. Not only will you face daunting decisions and exorbitant expenses, but also the stress can take away all your happiness and joy of the celebratory occasion. You do not need a massive venue, a wedding decorated, and 200 guests to plan the wedding of your dreams. The best way to enjoy your wedding in an intimate and meaningful way is to plan a small wedding with just your close friends and family.

A small and close-knit crowd, some stunning wedding flower centerpieces, a decadent and beautiful wedding cake, and some delicious food is all you need to get the romantic, intimate, and meaningful wedding that you always dreamed of. A small wedding will help you place your attention to where it should be, loving and committing to each other and you might even get the time to say more than a simple “hello” after the ceremony.

Here are some beautiful and stunning ideas to make your wedding meaningful, intimate, and everything you have ever dreamed of.

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