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Some of the Best Arrangement Ideas with Carnations

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Carnation Wedding Bouquet

Carnations were at one time one of the most popular flowers in the world, however, in recent years they have been making a comeback and at Whole Blossoms we have many Bulk Carnations to choose from.

In the Greek, carnations mean, the flower of the gods because of its symbolism and beauty.  Carnations In Bulk also come in many different colors, allowing you to do more arrangements than you would ever think possible. Colors have many meanings which is important to know when making a floral arrangement with a certain theme or mood in mind.

White – This is symbol of purity and most often associated with weddings and celebrating newborns. White is a very popular color to create balance and works with so many varieties and greens.

Pink – This is the symbol of gratitude and often used in Valentine’s bouquets and baby showers.

Purple – This is the symbol of someone who is unpredictable or impulsive. Purple is also used for many different occasions. If you want to give or display a little fun you may consider creating a bouquet or centerpiece with this color variety

Red – This color is probably the most popular color and can symbolize love and passion like no other color. Valentine’s Day Flowers are not the same without a lot of red.

Red Carnation Table Arrangements

One great thing when you Order Flowers Online Bulk, you save tremendously compared with the overpriced local markets. Not only will you save money, you will exceed freshness and quality, because our flowers are always premium and come from the farms direct so you will avoid a flower that has been sitting in the cooler for an extended period of time.

Now for some creative bouquet arrangement ideas that have become popular in recent months.

Spring Sunrise Bouquet

This beautiful piece is easy to assemble and reminds you of early spring with lively pastel colors and mint green balance. To make you will need the following varieties: peach roses, white Asiatic lilies, peach miniature carnations, white stock, pitta negra, dusty miller, and green Echeveria succulent. With this arrangement any vase would look fine, but for a more earthy appearance you may want to use a brown, square vase. Be sure to assemble with the proper balance and make sure the succulents take center stage. The carnations add the special touch.

Make Your Sweetie Sweeter Bouquet

This bouquet is full of fanciful coloration and artful style. It’s full of warm, inviting colors with a simple contrast of green. It makes a great spring wedding bouquet, Valentine’s Day gift, or even a birthday present. To assemble you will need the following greens and varieties: orange roses, hot pink aster, hot pink carnations. For greenery you can choose anything simple and begin assembling to create the right balance for you. It looks the best with a clear circular vase and tends to make even the sweetest person in the world a little bit sweeter.

Purple Carnation Flower Arrangements

Asian Garden Bouquet

If you have an eye for Asian art and want to give your wedding or special event a bit of an Oriental accent, then this bouquet will be of special interest to you. First you will need some mini bamboo and place them inside a green dish. You will need some purple dendrobium orchids and wrap them around one side of your cluster of bamboo. Around the base (You may want to use green floral foam on the dish) add the following greens and flowers: Green Carnations, dark pink Sweet William, green hypericum, an emerald palm leaf, and sheet moss. You are now ready to assemble. The key for Feng Shui is to make it appear one-sided.

Happy Festival Bouquet

When it comes to finding happiness in life, sometimes you have to get a little festive and enjoy the moment. This fun bouquet can easily be made with the following flower varieties: maroon carnations, lavender statice, purple button spray chrysanthemums, seeded eucalyptus, leather leaf fern, huckleberry, and variegated aspidistra leaf. Just grab a clear, cylindrical vase and be sure to stage the carnations on one side and stagger the rest of the varieties and greens throughout. It looks pleasant and yet simple. You may want to create several if you have a church or organization and place them in windows, on tables, also around altars and baptisteries. Every place can become a happy festival.

Careless Whisper Bouquet

If you are looking to create a more delicate yet, whimsical bouquet with Wholesale Carnations, this will certainly be one that will whisper into your ear. This soft looking centerpiece includes the following flowers and greens: pink Alstroemeria, pink carnations, white miniature carnations, dusty miller, huckleberry, leather leaf, and lemon leaf. Be sure to place them into a clear cylindrical vase with fresh water and enjoy the sweet messages you receive every time you take a look.

Purple and Pink Passion Bouquet

There are so many ways to create a bouquet and the ideas are endless. With Purple and Pink Passion you will need the following varieties: hot pink roses, purple carnations, pink miniatures, and assorted greens. For more sensation, you will need a violet color purple cubed vase. This will accentuate the appearance of all the pink and purple tones. This is a really great piece to give as a romantic gesture and sure to gain some favorable results.

White Carnation Wedding Bouquet

Bustling Beauty Bouquet

This bouquet is a radiant looking bouquet that will require the following: pink roses, pink tulips, pink carnations, and pink waxflower. You will also need some pittosporum. Get a clear glass vase and assemble all of your florals and place them proudly for all to see.

Faithfully Yours Bouquet

This bouquet is one to create for a reminder of love and faithfulness. If you are having a wedding, you may want to consider making this piece. You will need the following varieties: green hydrangeas, lavender roses, crème spray roses, pink Asiatic lilies, miniature peach gerberas, pink Alstroemeria, light pink carnations, lavender Limonium, and variegated pittosporum. Place them in a clear square vase and fill with fresh water. While you assemble them, place them in harmony and enjoy the perfect visual.

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