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Creating The Right Floral Bouquet For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and this is actually the kickoff day for the remainder of the holiday season, up through New Years. It is important to know what is in and what is not so you don’t get your decorations totally out of whack.

Typically, Thanksgiving is one of the biggest family events in the United States. According to the Washington Examiner in 2017, the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for ten people was about $49.12, which sounds pretty affordable. However, since it doesn’t cost a fortune to feed your family and guests, you now have some room in the budget to get your get together in more of a festive spirit with Wholesale Flowers. Do you remember the old days when you would hang up cardboard cutouts on your door windows and wall? It sounds a bit cheesy now, right? When you do a little planning and Buy Wholesale Flowers and Floral Bouquet, you can come up with some amazing and very attractive centerpieces for some refreshing floral décor.

Here a few of our standout ideas those are sure to bring Thanksgiving dinner to the next level.

You can make a bright and warming autumn bouquet. With this you will need orange roses, yellow sunflowers, gold cushion chrysanthemums, rust colored cushion chrysanthemums, seeded eucalyptus and magnolia leaves. To assemble you will need a square clear or orange tinted vase. Be sure to stage each variety in a pattern that will look well balanced throughout the centerpiece and enjoy. They also look good for a business, church, group, or family party.

Harvest Pumpkin Bouquet

To make this you will need a small pumpkin, orange gerberas, bronze cushion mums, red daisies, huckleberry and salal, yellow oak leaves, and artificial red berries. This will look great with the Thanksgiving server. To assemble you will need a ceramic vase that is shaped like a pumpkin then make your creation with your pumpkin and Fresh Flowers In Bulk.

Harvest Collection Bouquet

This easy to make centerpiece consists of: orange roses, orange Alstroemeria, miniature maroon carnations, yellow spray chrysanthemums, white wax flower, red yarrow, huckleberry, yellow oak leaves, and brown and copper tinted leaves. To assemble this, we recommend a round, ceramic, white vase. You are sure to inspire some harvest charm around your home or place of get together.

Harvest Petals Bouquet

It is a very sophisticated bouquet, perfect to brighten up your Thanksgiving centerpieces. To make it you will need some orange roses, peach mini carnationst, bronze sprayed chrysanthemums, eucalyptus, leather leaf fern and yellow oak leaves. We recommend using a square bronze vase in which you may arrange your florals with precision and grace.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Wreaths

Thanksgiving Wishes Floral Bouquet

This particular arrangement contains orange roses, orange Alstroemeria, burgundy cushion chrysanthemum, yellow chrysanthemum, solidago, huckleberry, and oak leaves. This is another arrangement in which you may want to use a porcelain pumpkin vase. This is a very fine floral bouquet arrangement for church altars and doctor’s offices as well. It makes a beautiful housewarming gift and is also a great piece to cheer up someone in the hospital during this time of the year.

Warm Hearts Thanksgiving Floral Bouquet

It is a heartwarming bouquet that consists of light orange roses, orange miniature carnations, bronze cushion chrysanthemums, white waxflower, eucalyptus, brown oak leaves and two peach candles. For a vase you may consider something a bit earthy in appearance and assemble this together for an eclectic appearance for the holiday season.

Thanksgiving Fall Bouquet

Pumpkin Farm Floral Bouquet

This bouquet is not only a very good choice for Thanksgiving is also another pretty good choice for Halloween or hayride parties. This lovely piece consists of the following varieties: orange gerberas, bronze cushion poms, red daisies, huckleberry, and salal with a little accent of yellow oak leaves and fall berries. At Whole Blossoms we have some very good hypericum berries to choose from. To prepare you will need a medium size orange bowl or vase and begin assembling to your own requirements. They are fun to prepare and make great family fun in which you can share with friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Autumn Enchanted Pumpkin Bouquet

You will certainly enjoy this with any kind of a fall gathering. To make it you will need: orange roses, orange Alstroemeria, miniature maroon carnations, yellow chrysanthemums, white miniature pumpkins, white waxflower, red yarrow, and huckleberry. You will also need brown, copper, and yellow oak leaves. Nothing will tie it all together in perfect harmony like a white bowl vase. Fall harvest parties are a great alternative to Halloween parties and this will be the perfect centerpiece for the serving table.

Thanksgiving Magic Floral Bouquet

This one is sure to bring on the magic and transform ordinary into brilliance. To make this one you will need orange roses, peach carnations, bronze daisy chrysanthemums, bronze button chrysanthemums, eucalyptus, and leather leaf fern, with accents of yellow oak leaves. You definitely need to assemble inside a square bronze vase for the extra magical feeling.  

Thanksgiving Bouquet

Warm Thanksgiving Wishes Floral Bouquet

This one by far is a favorite and sends warm wishes to anyone who looks at it. It consists of a ceramic pumpkin vase with miniature pumpkins, orange roses, orange Alstroemeria, burgundy cushion chrysanthemums, yellow daisy chrysanthemums, solidago, huckleberry, and oak leaves. Just put about two mini pumpkins and assemble to flowers and foliage to create the perfect well wish for your special get together.

Warm Heart Thanksgiving Floral Bouquet

This is the kind of bouquet that if given as a gift is sure to touch souls and warm hearts. You need a round, earthy vase and assemble this bundle of love with the following: light orange roses, orange miniature carnations, bronze cushion spray chrysanthemums, with accents of white waxflower, eucalyptus, brown oak leaves, and two peach candles.

Making a centerpiece is the perfect way to bring the family together and unite souls and spirits for this thankful season of the year. At Whole Blossoms, we are here to help you get it done right!

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