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What Do You Know About Hyacinths ?

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Hyacinth 101

Hyacinth - Title

Grape hyacinths, also famous as Muscari, are interconnected assortments that are much smaller. They have a gentle sweet scent.

Dutch hyacinths are cone shaped with abundant florets crowded on the stem. A fresh hyacinth has the majority of its florets closed, with just a few openings on the base. They have strong color and the scent is charming. Older hyacinths on the other hand have a good number of their florets open. Their color is faded and they have a very strong fragrance.

Hyacinths have a solid, tough base. That’s the white component of the stem and it must be cut off before placing the hyacinths inside water. The water then easily breaks through and penetrates the stems to get to the flowers. The ideal way to truly appreciate this flower is to put one hyacinth bulb in a glass of water.

Hyacinth - 1

Few facts about Hyacinths:

Names: Hyacinth / Dutch Hyacinth; Muscari / Grape Hyacinth.

Varieties: Most familiar grape hyacinth is Muscari armeniacum and Hyacinth Orientals are also found in single and double variety.

Colors: Hyacinths are available in an array of colors such as cream, pink, white purple—however the most common are shades of blue.

Scent: Extremely sweet scent that grows stronger with age as more and more florets open up.

Freshness: Buy or cut Hyacinth flowers while the florets are mostly closed.

Vase Life: Seven to ten days or longer.

Availability: From October to May

Cost: Reasonably pricey in winter but moderately priced in spring.

Meaning: Memory. It is common to incise these flowers on gravestones.

Hyacinth - 2


Note: Hyacinths are found to be poisonous. Bear in mind to wear gloves while working with them, because of the poisonous latex. When planting them, you may get an itchy reaction while handling the bulbs.

Arranging Tip: This gorgeous flower changes a lot during its cycle, anyone can appreciate it the best when it stands unaccompanied

Growing Tip: Hyacinths are amazing to grow indoors in wintertime.

Hyacinth - 3

Few varieties of Hyacinths you may like:

–          Blue Giant

–          Pink

–          Blue Violet

–          White

–          Lilac Lavender

–          Purple Plum

–          Grape Muscari

–          Lavender Purple

–          Burgundy Dark Plum

–          Assorted


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