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What Do You Know About Gladiolus?

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Gladiolus 101

              Gladilolus - Title

There are few things to take into account about gladiolus; they are tall, dramatic flowers around 2 to 3 feet in height, sheltered with funnel shaped blossoms on one part of the stem which opens from bottom to top. They have long and sword like leaves are. A fresh gladiolus flower has a few open on the base.

A miniature version of Gladiolus is Orchideola which has fewer and smaller blooms alongside the narrow stem. The blooms are spaced out along the stem. Miniature version is more flexible and elegant in appearance, and is a much better choice to employ in assorted arrangements.

A remarkable form of miniature Gladiolus is called Gladiolus Tristis. It emanates a sweet fragrance only in the evening and is pale apple green. Tristis flourishes for only a short period of time during summers, older gladioli’s bottom blossoms are open, displaying signs of maturity with dry edges, fading color and suppleness to the touch. While buying gladioli, make sure the flower count to ascertain that the lower blooms are not drained.

Gladiolus - 1

Numerous gladioli set together can give a stark modern or an old fashioned look. Gladioli arranged collectively best demonstrate the quality of this flower.

Few facts about Gladiolus:

Name: Gladiolus, Sword Lily

Variety: Bigger flower hybrid variety and miniature or smaller variety. The most common ones are orchideola and Gladiolus Colvillei.

Colors: All color shades are available, excluding true blue. Bicolor multicolored variety is also available.

Scent: None, apart from miniature Tristis.

Vase Life: Ten days or longer.

Freshness: The bottom 1 or 2 buds are open, with 5 or 6 buds displaying good color. The tip is firmly budded and does not typically grow after cutting. The base blossoms die when the others open.

Availability: Available throughout the year, but the prime season is summer. The miniatures are only available in early fall and summer.

Cost: Easy on the pocket

Gladiolus 2


Arranging Tip: These royal flowers add drama and height to bouquets, however the rigidity of the flower can make it somewhat tricky to merge in a arrangement, and the open blossoms at the bottom are generally covered by other flowers, Gladioli are best used when a number of them are massed together.

Gladiolus varieties available with us:

Gladiolus - 3

  • White
  • Lavender
  • Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Green
  • Assorted

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