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Some Cool Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Summer

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Fabulous Wedding Bouquet

Summer is upon us now and Covid 19 has been keeping us hampered for the winter and spring wedding seasons. It has been a difficult and trying time for everyone. The Wedding industry has greatly suffered, but the good news is, you cannot stop love. Love is going to blossom under any circumstance and now that we have some good guidelines in place now and believe it is now safe to have your summer wedding.

Summer weddings are warm and magical; they are the times when you can have your woodland wedding, beach wedding, countryside wedding, courtyard wedding, and more. Wedding Flowers are very important and Wedding Bouquets are what most people visualize when they think of Flowers For Wedding.

At Whole Blossoms we have over 3,000 varieties of Wholesale Flowers, which allows you get your creative, color palette ready and begin assembling your wonderful masterpieces. Now the next step is to decide which Bridal Bouquet is right for you. When you go to social media, and magazines, you will find that there are some endless ideas and then you begin to either, scratch your head with perplexity, or drool with delight at all the wonderful options you can choose from. Also, don’t forget the Bridesmaid Bouquets as well. We have a very good selection of a Wedding Bouquet as well as other bouquets, but don’t let that stop you from creating your own.

Bridal bouquet

We also would like to mention that if you have a bouquet in mind and would like it made, we can make it for you. All you have to do is tell us what varieties you would like assembled and how you would like it to look; we can give you an estimate and create them for you. Just give us a call 1-877-259-2566. We have made them for countless satisfied brides.

Now for a couple of ideas that will help your creative brain start working.

#Idea 1

Summertime allows you to show off the summer blooms and this Wedding Bouquet really brings the summer highlights in an array that will shine brightly. You will need the following blooms: Dahlias, Zinnias, Protea, and clematis flowers. You will also want to plenty of Roses, and Seeded Eucalyptus. You want to mix the sunny varieties with shades of the lighter tones to create your favorite summertime hues. Add some citrus accents and you will feel like you are bringing the energy of the outdoors and holding them in your hands.

#Idea 2

Another summer color idea is to mix the following colors: red, green, yellow, and blue. It seems that when these colors are in an assembly together that they bring an appealing magic that burns with loving desires of hope and happiness. Fresh Cut Flowers can transcend into human emotion, and are nature’s gift to mankind for the readiness of receiving a fresh new life. Some varieties you might consider are Israeli Ruscus, Red Hypericum Berries, Yellow Rose, Blue Seeded Eucalyptus, or Blue Fern. You can browse our website for these particular colors and maybe do sample sketches to get a feel of what you are trying to assemble and accomplish.

bridesmaids bouquet

#Idea 3

How about considering a soft pink and pastel Bouquet? If you want to create the perfect soft pink emotion, perhaps you might consider Spray Roses, Tulips, Ranunculus, Astilble, Lilies, Sweet Peas, Peonies, and Anthurium. This particular assembly will leave you feeling you are in the middle of a tropical paradise, with the fresh ocean breeze flowing through your hair, the tall, shady palm trees, under the glistening sun. When you carry this arrangement, you will feel as if you are swept away with love, and never to return again for your endless honeymoon adventure.

#Idea 4

Another Wedding Bouquet design is to get the feel of summer countryside, perhaps next to the woods or a cool and refreshing lake or pond. This can be created with White Roses, Green Hypericum Berries, Baby Breath Flowers, Cream Ranunculus, and greenery. You will feel as if you are walking down a wooded path, surrounded by singing birds, and the timely, gentle winds, rustling in the green leaves of the oak trees. You can smell the fresh pine and see the playful butterflies fluttering about. You feel as if you are one with nature and never coming back.

bridal bouquet in summer

#Idea 5

This final idea is a California style, redwood forest style sentiment. You will need Pink Peonies, Cream Ranunculus, Thistle, Pink Gloriosa, and Bicolor Pink Scabiosa. When you carry this arrangement, you will feel as if you are walking towards a mountain trail, with tall, redwoods in all their grandeur. You smell, the fresh pine needles and see the playful squirrels gathering their nuts for their young. You can almost feel as if you are walking towards immortality as you continue your endless trail.

Can you feel it? Can you feel your adventure calling you? What wedding theme are you trying to accomplish this summer? Not only will you be visually satisfied with the right blooms arranged the way you like them; you will be able to feel your arrangement and will never forget it.

At Whole Blossoms, we are here for you and are confident we have what you are looking for. Our premium flowers are at very low prices, making you feel good about the flowers you are receiving.

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